WeatherHawk announces release of their NEW and advanced Series 600 home weather station.

WeatherHawk is pleased to announce a NEW weather station, specifically designed for home automation and control applications

Logan, UT, USA - September 2011

WeatherHawk is pleased to announce a NEW weather station, specifically designed for home automation and control applications.
The 600 Series WeatherHawk weather stations measure and record:
• Wind Speed & Direction
• Air Temperature & Relative Humidity
• Barometric Pressure and Solar Radiation
• Precipitation (Rain and Snow)
Unique features of the Model 600 series weather stations are that they can differentiate between rain and snowfall, and they have a fan aspirated temperature/RH cavity. The ability to differentiate between rain and snow allows a whole new range of planning options for homeowners; and an aspirated sensor cavity allows for much better measurement of temperature and RH because the residual heat of the weather station is not a component of sensor measurements. The 600 Series weather stations incorporate all solid state sensor technology, including a high resolution 24 GHz Doppler Radar for precipitation measurements; and they have an internal heating element to remove ice and snow from the wind sensors, ensuring full system function down to -50 Degrees Celsius.
600 Series weather stations can be used to control irrigation systems, for precise water management; awnings, storm shutters, fountains and water features in response to high winds; close/open window coverings in response to changes in solar radiation; and trigger storm alarms with significant drops in barometric pressure. With a WeatherHawk weather station these functions happen whether the home owner is at home or not, giving the home a "lived in" appearance, enhancing home security.
All WeatherHawk weather stations are Professional Grade equipment with a full range of interfaces, including IP, RS -232, RS -485, MODBUS, and wireless. In addition to a range of OEM written and supported drivers from AMX, CONTROL4, CRESTRON, SAVANT and VANTAGE CONTROLS, there is a wide range of PC/MAC display software available. These easy to install, reliable weather stations are easy to install and require very little maintenance.
An iPhone App will be released following CEDIA on September 7 -11 in Indianapolis, IN. WeatherHawk Mobile will enable users to view weather information from their home automation systems directly from their mobile phone.
WeatherHawk has a long history of excellent product support and we are always looking for good dealers to sell, install and support our range of products. For information on how to become a WeatherHawk dealer please contact:
Toll free USA: 1 -866 -670 -5982
International: 1 -435 -227 -980

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