The Future Automation Under Bed Lift Provides Stylish Solution to Completely Conceal Flat Panels

The Under Bed Lift combines stunning design with real life functionality to create a superbly innovative yet practical product

Indianapolis, IN - CEDIA Expo 2011 - September 8 -10, 2011 - Booth #1940 - Future Automation, a market leader in flat screen mounting solutions and high -tech automated lifts, is excited to introduce its Under Bed Lift (UBL) to the U.S. market. Perfect for the design -conscious consumer who desires a clean space without unsightly technology visible, the UBL offers a solution to completely conceal flat panels without the need for bulky cabinetry or wall mounts.

Future Automation prides itself on offering custom solutions to its integrators, and the UBL is no different. Realizing a need among integrators for an alternative mounting solution that conceals flat panels in the bedroom without taking valuable floor or wall space, this one -of -a -kind mounting mechanism stores a flat panel under the bed and out of sight. Its sleek and compact design offers an alternative to traditional flat screen lifts and allows a different dimension to the interior design of a room. For most homeowners, a television in the bedroom is a must have, but many go to great lengths to conceal it when not in use. Hiding in armoires often limit TV size and line of sight, wall mounts get the TV off the furniture but can make it a focal point of the room, and foot of the bed lifts and their cabinetry are often large and can take up a significant amount of space. Future Automation's UBL provides a sleek, design -conscious solution to completely hide the TV with the press of a button.

Quiet and smooth motors ensure that the UBL is near silent in operation and the range of control options allow for complete and flexible control and integration. The variable speed motors enable a multitude of control options for any installation. Easy to install, the UBL provides an easy install mount interface equipped for VESA compliant televisions plus a range of mount options for non -VESA compliant screens. This compact solution comes equipped with a full cable management system and a load capacity of over 70 pounds.

The Under Bed Lift, like all Future Automation products, is custom -designed to interface with whichever third -party control system that the install requires, ensuring a seamless integration into every system. IR, RS232 and Contact Closure Control also come standard with the UBL, guaranteeing proper integration every time.

The Under Bed Lift is currently available to Future Automation dealers.

Integrators interested in getting a closer look at Future Automation's Under Bed Lift are invited to take a tour of their booth at CEDIA Expo, Booth #1940 or visit the CEDIA Future Technology Pavilion, Booth #4754. For more information about Future Automation, please visit

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