Remote Monitoring and Control Over the Internet

MASCOTi Remote Monitoring equipment is convenient and a cost effective solution to controlling your equipment from anywhere in the world.

Many companies send out highly qualified technical engineers, just to simply restart a piece of electronic equipment or reboot a system or type in a few commands to reconfigure their remote equipment. We say inconvenient and expensive!

At Sensormetrix we offer a far less expensive and much more convenient way of monitoring and controlling your equipment from anywhere in the world! We call it MASCOTi…..

MASCOTi stands for - Monitoring and Simple Control Over The internet - and describes our range of products that can restart/reboot, monitor and control remote electronic equipment.

MASCOTi 8 Controller: Ethernet Converter
The MASCOTi 8 Controller has 8x digital inputs and 8x digital outputs, this allows remote control of 8 inputs, outputs and an RS -232 serial line over Ethernet. Two of these boxes can be connected to each other over the internet (any distance) thus creating a continuous connection between the inputs, outputs and serial line over Ethernet. A typical application will control several relays and an RS -232 line over Ethernet. An advanced application could be for a small "terminal" at one end capable of connecting to a bar code reader, LCD display, setup buttons and diagnostic LEDs at the other end.

MASCOTi IP Relay: 2x 230V -rated relay
The MASCOTi IP Relay is a RS -232 / RS -485 serial line converter with two 230V -rated SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) relays. The MASCOTi IP Relay is designed for remote monitoring of Ethernet Devices over a serial console. A remote reset of any equipment connected to a remote MASCOTi IP Relay can take place by pressing a reset button, or by disconnecting 110/230V power supply on the IP Relay at the control end. The IP Relay switches are certified for switching mains power.

MASCOTi SC -1: RS -232 to Ethernet Converter
If you have a requirement to convert RS232 to Ethernet then your search is over. Simple device to install and use, just provide power, connect your RS232 and Ethernet connections, setup a virtual serial port (software provided) and within 5 minutes you will be streaming data. This effectively creates a normal RS232 line but over the local network or internet where any distance is fine. A typical application is remote access to equipment controlled over RS232. Another possible application is extending the RS232 communication over Ethernet and converting it back to RS232 the other end. The MASCOTi SC -1 comes with free utility software for easy setup and testing.

MASCOTi 2404
The MASCOTi Damocles 2404 is used for sensing up to 24 binary inputs (door open/shut contacts for example) and 4 relay outputs (for switching mains equipment) over the internet. The 2404 model can also support one temperature sensor connected to the RS232 port. Upon closing any or all of the inputs or their combination, the MASCOTi 2404 sends a customisable text/email (2 recipients) or a SNMP trap signal (up to 4 recipients). These text/email alerts can be delayed by a defined time (for example to send an email if a freezer door stays open for more than 5 minutes). The MASCOTi 2404 is typically used as a remote monitor of up to 24 sensing inputs and then based on email/text alerts, then for control of the remote equipment by hand from a distant PC using the internet.

The return on investment of any of these controllers is significant compared to full time mobile service engineers, when you consider the time and expense that is removed in sensing, monitoring and controlling equipment from afar using a PC or mobile phone - controlling the actions of the distant equipment.
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