Paradigm Introduces Monitor Series 7 Loudspeaker

Research-fueled acoustic enhancements, smaller footprints and a more streamlined aesthetic highlight updates made to Paradigm's popular speaker series.

Toronto, Ontario - August 16, 2011 - Paradigm proudly announces Monitor Series 7 loudspeakers for music and home theater - a complete redesign of the lineup, technologically and aesthetically. While faithfully preserving the natural acoustic signature of Monitor Series speakers, this generation offers critical sonic refinements through the introduction of Paradigm Reference design and technology in spades. A cleaner, more linear aesthetic rounds out the new package.

Paul Wojciechowski, Manager of Product Development says: "The goal for Monitor Series 7 was to further improve acoustic integrity while presenting a more streamlined aesthetic within a (slightly) smaller footprint, particularly on the floor standing speakers and center channels. "7" is a direct response to today's consumers' desire for a good size without sacrificing good sound." In a nutshell says Paul, "We wanted the highest possible performance in the smallest physical envelope while maintaining the important Paradigm affordability difference."

Monitor Series 7 design highlights:

• NEW! Self -aligning magnetic grille design. Honeycomb interior corner architecture ensures a more spacious and transparent sound since the new architecture prevents sound capture in grille corners acoustic integrity remains in tact whether speakers are played with grilles on or grilles off.
• NEW! Complete baffle redesign:
o ¾˝ MDF baffles across the board for further increased solidity and cabinet resonance reduction; A cleaner, fastener -free front -panel aesthetic; Magnetic baffle design makes it easier to remove should servicing ever be necessary; Baffle has been FEA -optimized to remove resonances and vibrations and critically tuned to the rest of the cabinet.
• NEW! Elegant plinth (base) provides stability for the narrower floor standing footprints and a stylistically cleaner, less intrusive alternative to outrigger feet.
• NEW! 20% overall reduction in model footprints - floor standers and center channels.
• NEW! Monitor 7 is a new size and a 3 -driver model (vs. 4 drivers in previous iterations) covering the spectrum through a tweeter, mid/bass and bass driver with audible improvements in sensitivity and extension.
• NEW! Monitor 11 is now the size of the original Monitor 9 v.6 but a 5 -driver model (vs. 4 drivers in previous iterations) covering the spectrum through a tweeter, dedicated midrange driver and three bass drivers with audible improvements in sensitivity and extension
• NEW! Two new center channels have been introduced to replace the original CC -190, CC -290 and CC -390 - the new centers are known as Center 1 and Center 2 and both acknowledge acoustic refinements over earlier center channels including decreased footprints to better fit today's a/v furniture sizes.
• NEW! Monitor Surround 1 has replaced the ADP's of the previous Monitor Series and Surround 2 featuring revised design and technology in keeping with the way sound is being mastered and mixed in today's recording studios.

Trickle -Down Technology from Paradigm's Reference lineups includes:

• 1˝ S -PAL satin -anodized pure -aluminum dome tweeter (vs. titanium in earlier versions):
o Waveguide design offers improved high -frequency dispersion
o Mesh guard offers added protection for the dome tweeter
• S -PAL™ satin -anodized pure -aluminum cones (vs. injection -molded co -polymer in earlier versions):
o New lightweight foam -rubber surround geometry (from Studio Series) with exceptional damping properties and much higher excursion capability
o New high -temperature voice coils (aluminum or copper) wound on Kapton® formers
o Large ferrite magnets; super neodymium magnets in Monitor 11 dedicated midrange driver
• Carbon -infused co -polymer polypropylene bass cones with motor structures tweaked as per bass/mid drivers
• Greater sensitivity and deeper bass extension on floor standing models and center channels

Paradigm's Director of Marketing, Mark Aling is most enthusiastic about this new lineup of value priced high -performance Paradigm speakers: "Monitor Series 7 goes further in terms of aesthetics, technology and design than almost any speaker series update we've done in our history. Our track record of producing high -value high -performance speakers is reinforced yet again with the launch of this fabulous new Monitor generation. For those who want real, concrete, audible value for their audio dollars, it won't get better than this affordable new generation."

Monitor Series 7 is available in Black Ash and a new Heritage Cherry finish. Surrounds are in Black.

Model lineup and estimated US FMV pricing for the series is as follows:
Atom Monitor: $199
Mini Monitor: $279
Monitor 7: $449
Monitor 9: $599
Monitor 11: $799
Center 1: $379
Center 3: $599
Surround 1: $279
Surround 3 $399

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About Paradigm
Innovative design, advanced materials, in -house manufacturing, and state -of -the -art engineering have made Paradigm an international leader in speaker design. With more than 250 industry awards for audio excellence and numerous rave reviews from around the world, Paradigm is committed to being at the leading edge of speaker technology and consistently achieving the ultimate in sound for music and home theater.

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