Crestron's Revolutionary Audio Transport Technology Transmits 48 Channels of Uncompressed 24-bit HD Audio Across a Single Shielded CAT5 Cable

Indianapolis, IN, September 8, 2011 - Crestron introduces its new digital SWAMP -24X8 multi -room audio system with built -in Sonnex™ audio transport technology. Blending high -performance digital audio processing, full -matrix switching and high -powered amplification into a single component, Sonnex redefines audio distribution for the digital age. This revolutionary audio transport technology transmits 48 channels of uncompressed 24 -bit HD audio across a single shielded CAT5e cable. Representing a new generation of multi -room audio distribution, Sonnex delivers improved performance and significantly reduces hardware and software cabling.

With all -in -one, high efficiency hardware design and an exclusive single -wire digital bus, Sonnex technology dramatically advances performance, output, efficiency and ease of installation. It also substantially reduces the hardware and cabling requirements of traditional systems. With installations of more than 8 zones, simply add a zone expander locally, rather than in the central rack. The only connection necessary back to the rack is a single shielded CAT5e cable. Gone are the days of purchasing separate amps, preamps, switchers and the extensive cabling required to connect them. As many as eight expansion units can be installed far from the main rack, supporting distribution of 24 sources to 72 zones. Sonnex drives 200 watts at 4 ohms per channel, delivering nearly 30,000 watts of total power and creating an unforgettable high -definition listening experiences in every room.

"With full matrix switching, HD audio processing and high -powered amplification integrated into a single component, Sonnex is a complete solution for multi -room, digital audio distribution,"

explains Fred Bargetzi, Crestron VP of Technology. "Fewer cable runs, easy -to -pull shielded CAT5e and fewer connection points saves installers lots of time and expense."

The Sonnex multi -room audio distribution system draws incredibly low power for even more savings. Its energy -efficient, cool -running design conserves rack space by eliminating the need for empty space between components.

For optimal sound quality in each zone, acoustics are easily customized and adjusted from room to room and outdoors. Custom speaker profiles and 5 -band EQ presets provide each zone with the best sound based on its natural acoustic qualities. From any touch screen or remote, you can choose a "Classical" mix in the library, "Jazz" in the kitchen and "Rock" on the patio.
From the front panel or the menu -driven software tools, installer -friendly configuration of a multi -room HD audio system is fast and easy.

System design has never been more flexible. Expansion beyond eight listening zones is easy using the optional four and eight -zone expanders. The new SWAMPE -4 four -zone expander adds four stereo amplified zones while supporting full room control and source selection, advanced DSP, speaker profiles, output bussing, mono summing, amplifier bridging and monitoring.

The SWAMPE -4 expander gets installed locally and connects to the SWAMP -24X8 up to 200 feet away in the main rack using a single CAT5e shielded twisted pair cable. All speaker wiring is pulled a short distance to the local SWAMPE expander, eliminating bulky and time consuming speaker wire home runs back to the central rack. The SWAMPE -8 expander offers the same features while adding eight stereo amplified zones.

Plug -and -play connectivity affords an extremely easy installation, allowing full control access to all the SWAMPE functions through the SWAMP -24X8. Even with such high power, SWAMPE expanders run cool and efficiently, and require only three rack spaces. Up to eight SWAMPE expanders can be connected on one system to achieve virtually any desired speaker zone configuration.

For more information on how Sonnex can give you a high quality listening experience in every room, please visit CEDIA booths #1103/SR -1 or go to For high -res photos, go to

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