Surpassing the Distance Range of Other RF Handhelds, PLX3 Provides Reliable Wireless Home Control and 2-Way Feedback Across Any Size Home

Indianapolis, IN, September 8, 2011 - Crestron today announced that the PLX3 Prodigy® Handheld Remote, its new long range remote control for Prodigy home automation systems, is now available. As part of a complete Prodigy system, PLX3 combines long -range performance and Crestron customizability with ergonomics and affordability for push -button control of lights, thermostats, multiroom audio, home theaters, security systems and more, from anywhere in the home. To solve the range limitations of traditional RF remotes, PLX3 operates on proven Crestron wireless technology. The high -performance 2.4 GHz mesh network increases the strength and reliability of the entire wireless network, resulting in longer range operation and total whole house control from any room, no matter what size the home.

"PLX3 combines the speed, simplicity and reliability of IR/RF remotes with the long -range mobility of WiFi," said Fred Bargetzi, Crestron VP of Technology. "You can control your whole home without worrying about the common gripes of WiFi such as delays in button response and intermittent signal interruptions."

PLX3 features a bright 2 -inch hi -resolution color display, ergonomic feel, piano -black exterior finish, and smooth, responsive push buttons. Intuitive control of the entire home from a graphic -rich user interface makes PLX3 easy to use, and just as simple to configure. A convenient thumb scroll knob plus easy -to -read backlit pushbuttons lets you quickly select home control commands, while displaying real -time status of lighting levels, audio volumes and temperature settings.

Prodigy provides a cool interactive experience for the whole family. There's even a graphical on -screen menu that displays all home control icons on the TV screen. Surfing through control and entertainment choices from a PLX3 Handheld is fast, fun and easy. Choosing music in each room from your iTunes® library is a breeze with native scrolling lists, while adjusting lights, room ambiance and temperature is just as simple.

Once in bed for the night, you can make sure the TV in the family room is turned off, the alarm is set and lights are out, and even adjust the temperature in the kids' rooms. You'll know what's going on anywhere in the house without having to get up and do a nightly "walkthrough" to manually shut everything down.

"Whether watching TV in the theater, searching movie and song libraries, or setting thermostats and lighting levels, PLX3 puts every house control and home entertainment function in the palm of your hand," said Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing.

PLX3 sends wireless control signals hundreds of feet through floors and walls, making system design, setup and installation easy. Customizable presets with graphical icons are created by following the menu -driven setup wizard.

Simple and reliable, PLX3 stays charged an incredible 4 -6 months on just four homeowner -replaceable lithium AA batteries.

To learn more about how you can bring the enhanced lifestyle of whole -house automation to your home, please visit CEDIA booth #1103 or go to Prodigy Home Control and PLX3 Prodigy Handheld Remote. For high -res photos, go to

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