Pro Control at CEDIA EXPO 2011

Pro Control CEDIA EXPO 2011 Booth 3136

Pro Control

Booth 3136

Pro Control
5775 12th Ave. E., Suite 180
Shakopee, MN 55379

Pro Control Contact:
Mike Everett
General Manager
Tel: +1 (952) 224 -5011

Media Contact:
Veronica Esbona
Wall Street Communications
Tel: +1 (954) 392 -6990

Company Quote:
"The Pro Control brand is ready to launch and will begin shipping following CEDIA. The show provides us with a great opportunity to showcase these stylish and affordable control solutions, which are sure to make a big impact with integrators and consumers alike," said Mike Everett, general manager for Pro Control. "Visitors to our booth will experience our sleek, sophisticated PRO24.r and PRO24.z touch -screen controllers, powerful ProLink.r and ProLink.z processors, and our one -of -a -kind iPro.8 companion control for use with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. These solutions allow our dealers to provide their customers with unmatched control at a truly amazing value."

New and Stylish Pro Control Controllers and Processors Debuting at CEDIA EXPO 2011:

PRO24.r and PRO24.z Remote Controls
Sporting sleek, sophisticated designs, the PRO24.r and PRO24.z feature stunning high -resolution 2.4 -inch LCD touch screens and programmable backlit hard buttons for intuitive operation even in a darkened room. Pro Control's easy -to -use, wizard -based software allows for extremely efficient programming for integrators while offering advanced control and unmatched customization. When paired with Pro Control's ProLink.r control processor, the PRO24.r displays powerful capabilities including macro storage and 433 -MHz one -way RF communication for advanced control. Additional features include an Ethernet port and four adjustable IR routing ports. When paired with Pro Control's ProLink.z processor, the PRO24.z offers 2.4 -GHz two -way Zigbee(R) communication, Ethernet control, and six IR routing ports. Both paired solutions feature two voltage -sensing inputs and support for Apple(R) iPad(R), iPhone(R), and iPod touch(R) applications. The PRO24.r (MSRP $249) and PRO24.z (MSRP $449) are targeted for release in September 2011.

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ProLink.r and ProLink.z Central Control Processors
The powerful ProLink.r and ProLink.z processors are capable of taking full command of even the most complex electronic systems. They feature an abundance of control options, including routable IR ports with adjustable output strength, as well as two voltage -sensing inputs for improved management of connected devices. The ProLink.z processor with integrated 2.4 -GHz Zigbee(R) antenna provides advanced control via six IR output ports, an Ethernet port for network control of a virtually unlimited number of devices, and two two -way RS -232 ports for bidirectional communication. The ProLink.r features an integrated 433 -MHz RF antenna for one -way communication via the PRO24.r touch -screen controller.

For the ultimate control experience, both processors integrate with iPhone(R), iPod touch(R), iPad(R), or PC and are customizable via the wizard -based Pro Control software. The ProLink.r (MSRP $249) and ProLink.z (MSRP $449) are targeted for release in September 2011.

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iPro.8 Companion Controller
Many consumers love using their tablet or smartphone as the primary controller for their electronics system. However, using such devices comes with a few limitations, including the lack of hard buttons for tactile control, connectivity issues, and the numerous screen swipes it takes to accomplish simple adjustments, such as turning down the volume on the TV. With these issues in mind, Pro Control has developed the affordable iPro.8 companion remote, which enables end users to add the convenience of a dedicated remote when combined with a tablet, smartphone, or PC.

A truly unique solution, the patent -pending iPro.8 remote works as an extension of the ProPanel App running on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. It gives users the hard buttons and tactile control to which they are accustomed, and it provides immediate access to common functions such as changing channels, controlling the volume, and adjusting the DVR. This stylish remote overcomes network -connectivity issues by using reliable RF technology for instantaneous communication, and it has been designed for use with any Pro Control processor with an activated ProPanel App.

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Company Information:
Created by Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI), Pro Control is a new remote -control brand designed to meet the needs of electronic system professionals. The product line includes handheld remote controls, control processors, and advanced software for programming and integration. The stunningly elegant handheld remotes have color touch -screen displays and are completely customizable. They can act as stand -alone remotes or sync with control processors using IR, Zigbee(R), or RF communication. The control processors provide rock -solid reliability along with advanced features such as feedback from iPad(R) and iPod(R) devices, A/V receivers, lighting systems, HVAC systems, PC control systems, and more. Fast, wizard -based PC programming and cost -effective price points make Pro Control products the perfect solution for conference rooms, theaters, media rooms, and whole -house integration. Additional information on Pro Control and its innovative control solutions is available at

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