Panamax/Furman CEDIA 2011 Show Preview

CEDIA 2011 Show Preview Panamax/Furman Booth 1321

CEDIA 2011 Show Preview

Booth 1321

1690 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954

Panamax/Furman Contact:
John Benz
Director of Marketing
Tel: +1 (707) 766 -2359

Agency Contact:
Joshua Carlson
Wall Street Communications
Tel: +1 (408) 899 -4169

Image Links:
Energy Management With BlueBOLT(R):
Caption: Energy management isn't much without control. Not only does BlueBOLT(R) enable end -user control of outlets/devices, but it provides real -time and historical data, voltage input, current draw, and energy consumption by kWh and in dollars.

MD2 -ZB:
Caption: The MD2 -ZB smart plug provides energy monitoring, load control, scheduled conservation, and surge protection in a compact form factor that directly plugs in to any standard 120V 15A outlet. Utilizing Zigbee wireless communications, the units can be monitored, controlled and programmed via Panamax/Furman's cloud -based BlueBOLT platform (with BB -ZIGBEE bridge) or Zigbee -compatible third party control systems. Available 2012.

Caption: The BB -ZIGBEE is an Ethernet -to -Zigbee bridge enabling wireless communications between Panamax/Furman's cloud -based BlueBOLT power/energy management platform and compatible energy management products, such as the MD2 -ZB smart plug. Due to Zigbee's mesh infrastructure, a single BB -ZIGBEE access point is all that is needed to create an energy management network utilizing multiple sensor/load control devices. Available 2012.

Show Quote:
"We're very excited to be in Indianapolis for CEDIA 2011 with our full line of A/V power and energy management solutions. This year we will highlight our BlueBOLT(R) cloud -based power and energy management platform. Since it went live last year we've had more than 1,500 integrators become BlueBOLT Certified, and the platform has been tremendously successful in helping integrators reduce service calls and improve their customer service. Visitors to our booth can get hands -on experience with the platform and learn how they can add value to every install with BlueBOLT. Integrators can also expand their service portfolios with built -in BlueBOLT energy management solutions, offering their clients added value through monitoring energy usage and reducing utility bills."

- - Dave Keller, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Panamax/Furman

Panamax/Furman Products and Technologies on Display at CEDIA EXPO 2011:

A Complete Selection of Power Management Solutions For Every Installation Scenario
Together, Panamax and Furman offer the industry's most comprehensive line of power management solutions for every integration need. Whether the project is a modest entertainment system, a fully automated whole -house installation, or a high -performance two -channel audiophile listening room, Panamax/Furman provides products and technologies engineered specifically for the needs of today's custom installation professional. Come experience the complete family of solutions at the Panamax/Furman booth #1321.

BlueBOLT(R) Remote Power Control and Monitoring Kiosk
How can a simple -to -install, Web -based control platform help reduce service calls, save costs, and improve customer satisfaction? Find out by getting hands -on with the BlueBOLT(R) remote power and energy management platform. By combining cloud -based control with Panamax/Furman power management hardware, integrators can remotely reboot problem components to address customer issues immediately from their smartphones, tablets, or computers. With a wide variety of power and energy alerts, integrators can be proactive on service issues with email notifications when power anomalies occur, and set up budget alerts for tracking system energy usage. Learn how to use advanced features such as setting up auto -reboot to automatically restart network equipment (modems, routers, etc.) when an Internet connection is lost, as well as how to integrate power into control and automation systems for maximum functionality.

BlueBOLT(R) Energy Management Kiosk
There has been a lot of buzz about energy management, but where is the consumer demand? Where are the solutions? And just who is making any money with it? As smart meters roll out and utilities nationwide are beginning to move toward an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) enabling new billing structures, end users will be looking for ways to understand and better control their energy use in the next few years. Be prepared to answer this call by visiting the BlueBOLT(R) Energy Management Kiosk and get in on the ground floor of this profitable new integration category. With a wide variety of new features and hardware designed to closely monitor energy use, eliminate standby power, and enable automated load -shedding, BlueBOLT delivers to integrators a real -world energy management solution that enables new business and recurring revenue opportunities.

Power Management Audio Performance Demo Kiosk
Integrating the appropriate power management solution into an A/V system ensures installed components will perform their best. Especially with top -end performance systems, AC line noise and electrical disturbances have a significant detrimental impact on the system's capability to reproduce dynamic range, detail, and sonic nuance. Using 24 -bit audio files and digital difference analysis software, we demonstrate the amount of program content that can be lost due to the masking effect AC line noise has on A/V components. If you're not a believer in the power of proper AC conditioning, do not miss this demonstration.

Panamax/Furman In -Wall Solutions Kiosk
With flat -screen display mounts moving closer to the wall, and more multichannel and multizone systems requiring power protection and filtration for components remotely located, in -wall power management solutions have become a necessity for many modern installation scenarios. Panamax/Furman's full line of MIW (Max In -Wall) products provide a wide variety of options engineered to meet the needs of these common installation challenges, with in -wall protection, filtration, cable management, and options to extend the power management capabilities of a power conditioner or battery backup component from the main system rack to remote equipment.

Company Overview:
Panamax and Furman have been international leaders in providing award -winning, innovative power management products for more than 35 years. Their power and energy management products give audio/video systems the pure, noise -free power they need for superlative performance, providing longevity to the components connected while protecting them from damage caused by power surges and lightning. Together - - as part of Panamax LLC - - Panamax, Furman, and PFPower (a Panamax/Furman brand) address all major electronic markets, including home theater, professional audio and music, broadcasting, audio/video recording, OEM, and office equipment. Panamax/Furman's cloud -based power and energy management platform, BlueBOLT(R), sets a new industry standard in ease of installation and use. The company is based in Petaluma, Calif., and sells through an international dealer network and through select retail outlets. More information is available at and

Featured Product

D-Tools System Integration Software

D-Tools System Integration Software

D-Tools' System Integrator (SI) is the most widely used and comprehensive estimation, design, and project management software platform, specifically designed to fulfill the diverse needs of residential AV systems design and installation firms. D-Tools ties project workflow together into a singular, data-driven, connected process that increases operational efficiency while reducing time and costs. Along with access to a comprehensive library of manufacturers' products, this solution positively impacts all areas of a system integrator's business.