IOCELL Networks Purchases Innovative NDAS Technology

As owners of NDAS Technology, IOCELL Networks offers the industry's first high-performance, fully scalable and portable networked storage solutions for a variety of needs

Plainsboro, N.J. - Aug. 3, 2011 - IOCELL Networks Corp., a pioneer of Network Direct Attached Storage (NDAS) technology, today announced the company has officially purchased ownership of the revolutionary NDAS technology from the original developer, Ximeta.

As previous licensees of the technology since 2009, IOCELL Networks is now the official owner of NDAS technology, which will aide the company in its vision to enable consumers to enjoy, access, store and share a variety of digital content from any networked device, such as a PC, laptop, PDA, media player or home entertainment center.

Originally developed by Ximeta in 2003, NDAS technology enables all digital storage devices direct connection into standard Ethernet networks. Created for ease -of -use and increased speed performance, all users or systems on the network are capable of directly controlling, using and sharing those devices.

"Since we've licensed NDAS technology for the past few years, we're well aware of the benefits this innovative technology affords users," stated David Pak, founder, IOCELL Networks, Corp. "Purchasing the technology reinforces what we as a company have set out to achieve since the beginning -provide consumers with ground -breaking products created for enjoyment, which will ultimately enhance their digital living."

IOCELL Networks offers product availability in more than 100 retail and distribution channels around the world. More information about the company and its various innovative product lines can be found by visiting

About IOCELL Networks Corporation
IOCELL Networks is based in Plainsboro, N.J., and is a pioneer of Network Direct Attached Storage (NDAS) technology. Using patented technology, IOCELL Networks offers the industry's first high -performance, fully scalable and portable networked storage solutions for consumer and SOHO needs. The company focuses on the growing trend toward networked information storage, in which storage systems are linked on a network via Ethernet. IOCELL Networks' vision is to enable people to enjoy, access, store and share all of their digital content from any networked device. For more information about IOCELL Networks, please visit the company's Web site at


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