PCS Signs Agreement to Liscense UPB Technology for Worldwide Use

Powerline Control Systems has announced that it has approved a license agreement with Powerline Lighting Control Party Limited (PLLC), of Sydney, Australia, to manufacture products using UPB technology for the 240 Volt 50 Hz market.

Northridge, Cal. - August 2, 2011 - Powerline Control Systems, Inc. (PCS), the manufacturer of PulseWorx lighting control for residential and light commercial applications, and inventor of Universal Powerline Bus® (UPB™) technology, has announced that it has approved a license agreement with Powerline Lighting Control Party Limited (PLLC), of Sydney, Australia, to manufacture products using UPB technology for the 240 Volt 50 Hz market.

Introduced in 1999 by Powerline Control Systems, and subsequently deployed commercially in 2002, UPB is an award winning, highly reliable, cost effective, two -way communications technology which enables control products to utilize existing powerlines for both residential and commercial applications. Other potential applications include appliance control, HVAC control, and Internet -to -Application device communication. PCS has been awarded several patents for this technology.

Through the agreement, Powerline Lighting Control Pty. Limited, will utilize UPB technology to provide standalone and integrated lighting control solutions, such as dimmers/switches, interface devices, tools and software, made for the worldwide 240 Volt 50Hz market.

"Universal Powerline Bus technology has proven to be superior to other lighting control technologies because of reduced installation time, lower cost, high speed and product reliability," said Scott Klodowski, director of sales and marketing for PCS. "We're very proud to now have a licensee like PLLC bring our innovation into the worldwide marketplace, as it continues to show bright promises for the future."

"The unique power distribution in the 240 Volt 50Hz market can be 'technically challenging'," said Tony Triccas, director of technical sales and support. "We are extremely confident that our PLLC UPB 240V 50Hz EMC standard products offer a truly versatile lighting solution for both new and retrofit installations."

Benefits of UPB Technology:

UPB uses low frequency, spread spectrum technology which produces a very strong signal. In addition, UPB uses true two -way communications, allowing devices to reveal their status to each other. This feedback, that commands have been successfully executed, results in reliable communications -greater than 99% accurate.

UPB technology supports either peer -to -peer or centrally controlled communication environments, providing flexibility for a wide range of applications.

Lower Total Cost
UPB sizes existing powerlines, eliminating the need to pre -wire or pull new wire to install a system. Additionally, during the installation of typical PLC products, service callbacks are needed to install filters or repeaters to fix reliability issues. Because UPB products work right the first time, installers deploy once and no more service callbacks are required. The end result is a reduction of cost and significantly increased customer satisfaction.

High Speed:
Supports 0.3 second response time or 10 full commands per second which is 20 to 40 times faster than other PLC technologies. This increase in speed delivers a lighting control system that is responsive to the touch.

For more information about UPB specs, visit http://www.pulseworx.com/upb/specs_.htm. To learn more about Powerline Control Systems, Inc., please visit booth 3504 at CEDIA EXPO, online at http://www.pcslighting.com or find PCS on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pcslighting. For information regarding Powerline Lighting Control, visit http://powerlinelighting.com/.

About Powerline Control Systems, Inc.
Powerline Control Systems has been developing, manufacturing top -of -the -line lighting, and electrical control devices for the residential and commercial markets since 1992. PCS provides a complete range of products under the PulseWorx® brand, including light switches, light dimmers, keypads, touchscreens, configuration software, and a variety of other electrical control devices; powered by the UPB® (Universal Powerline Bus) patented technology, the innovation of the PCS design team. UPB is answering the call for a lower cost, high reliability lighting control system to provide an alternative to expensive proprietary and hardwired systems. For more information on PCS, visit http://www.pcslighting.com.

PCS Media Contact:
Kyle E. Glass, Public Relations/Marketing Manager
Marketing Matters
Tel: 502 -409 -5953
Email: kyle@marketingmatters.net
Web: http://www.marketingmatters.net

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