Compact Smartec STC -IPX3980A network PTZ camera for large CCTV systems

This network PTZ camera is equipped with 1/4" Sony CCD, a high-speed rotation gear, 10x zoom lens and video analytics package.

Smartec STC -IPX3980A NEYRO Series network camera is designed for round -the -clock operation in the offices, warehouses, shops etc. New Smartec model features PTZ rotation with 128 memory presets and 8 guarding tours. It uses 1/4" Sony SuperHAD CCD, 10x zoom lens and can generate Color and B/W images at up to 0.7/0.02 lux of minimum illumination. This network PTZ camera can transmit two independent video streams in H.264, MPEG4, M -JPEG with Full D1 (720x576 pix.) resolution at up to 25 fps. In addition, STC -IPX3980A is equipped with alarm I/O, microSD slot and VCA video analytics. Management and remote monitoring can be carried out using AlNet or Mitsubishi NetHunter management software.

STC -IPX3980A uses modern 1/4" Sony Super HAD CCD and high -performance processor, allowing Smartec network camera to generate and transmit up to two video streams simultaneously with adjustable parameters for each stream. In addition, this network PTZ camera supports H.264/MPEG -4/M -JPEG, Full D1 (720x576 pix.) resolution and deinterlacing function for image improvement. STC -IPX3980A also has switchable IR cut filter and can operate in Day/Night modes at up to 0.7/0.02 lux. of minimum illumination.

High -speed rotation gear of this network model provides 360/90 pan/tilt rotation. STC -IPX3980A also uses zoom lens with 3,8 -38 mm focal range, which provides 10x optical zoom with extra 10x digital zoom. Changing camera position and zoom multiplicity can be done manually by the operator or automatically, according to the presets. In addition, network PTZ camera allows the operator to set up 128 presets and 8 guarding tours.

STC -IPX3980A is bundled with VCA video analytics package, which provides reliable detection of the objects in the monitoring area with different light conditions. Detection area is set manually, according to the specifications of the application. VCA presence package also enables Smartec network PTZ camera to track moving objects (up to 100 simultaneously), record changes in their direction and alert the operator in case of camera defocusing, closure or lens brushing. Due to VCA video analytics, network camera can function as a security sensor with the ability to activate recording system or alarm.

To extend camera functions it is recommended to purchase VCA surveillance package, which allows the operator to set "acceptable" and "unacceptable" directions of movement, classify objects by size and speed, control their temporary stay in the restricted area etc. Moreover, network PTZ camera with VCA surveillance can count the number of objects over time, calculate human traffic and support "Double border" filter.

An important advantage of STC -IPX3980A is its audio transmission features: Smartec network camera has audio I/O for a microphone or speaker and provides 2 -way audio transmission between the operator and the monitoring areas. In addition, network PTZ camera is equipped with microSD slot for video recording (on alarm event, disconnection, etc.). After re -connection, network PTZ camera can send the recorded alarm video to the server and provide access to the video files.

Management and operation control of STC -IPX3980A can be carried out via AlNet software. It enables the operator to view streaming video, record and search the video archive, create graphics maps, configure the network camera, etc. In addition, network PTZ camera is integrated with third -party software, such as NetHunter by Mitsubishi Company. These software products allow the installer to create large network or hybrid CCTV systems, including IP -devices of many famous manufacturers.

New Smartec STC -IPX3980A network PTZ cameras are offered from stock by Smartec dealers. For more information about STC -IPX3980A and other Smartec network equipment, please, send your request to info@smartec or contact your Smartec dealers directly.

Under Smartec brand name, a wide range of equipment is supplied, allowing to build traditional and digital video surveillance systems of any configuration and complexity. The product line includes standard analog cameras (B/W, color and "day -night"), IP -cameras, varifocal lenses, network PTZ cameras, 15" -32" LCD -monitors, 4 -32 -ch DVRs, IP -video servers, camera housings, brackets and other video surveillance devices.

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