OWI's L.A. Rocker Rock Speakers:

When outdoor speakers should be heard and not seen, these "rock" speakers offer aesthetics, longevity, and performance

OWI, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced audio equipment for residential and commercial applications, introduces its line of L.A. Rocker Rock Speakers, outdoor speakers made of real rock to blend into home and commercial settings.

Unlike traditional pole and building mounted outdoor speakers or boxy artificial plastic and resin "rock speakers" that stick out like a sore thumb, these rock speakers bring a natural outdoor feel to audio equipment.

Since real rock has a textured, irregular shape with a subtle mix of colors that varies by location, OWI set out to recreate the look of real rock in their rock speakers. In designing the aesthetics of its their outdoor weatherized speakers, the company took real rock samples from around the country such as Hawaiian lava rock, Florida reef rock, New Hampshire granite, and Colorado river rock. From these natural samples, they patterned the shape, color, and texture of their rock speaker casings.

Starting with glass fiber reinforced concrete for rock -like strength and texture, the company hand lays the concrete in rock molds. After each rock speaker casing cures for 25 days, it is hand painted with a mix of colors for a unique look. In shape and color, no two of its rock speaker casings is exactly alike, just like real rock.

OWI's speaker casings can withstand hundreds of pounds of standing weight and the speaker grilles are built to withstand weedwhackers and lawnmowers.

Since performance matters, to complement its 8 rock speaker casing models OWI offers a full range of two and three -way speakers from 4" to 12" in commercial 70V and 8Ω residential capacities. Subwoofer models are available. They're also UV resistant, bug, puppy and lawnmower proof and have a built -in security cable attachment ring for anchoring the rocks on concrete. In residential applications, the weight of the rocks is enough to keep them in place.

OWI's weatherproof speakers and L.A. Rocker line are already in use around the world at major theme parks, hotels, casinos, golf courses and retail centers.

OWI has a 30 -year history of consistently bringing innovative products to the audio market. They offer a full line of high -end speaker products including indoor/outdoor speakers, self -amplified ceiling, in -wall and trumpet speakers, pendant speakers, and weatherized speakers.

For more information about OWI or its products, contact OWI, Inc. 17141 Kingsview Ave., Carson, CA 90746; phone (310) 515 -1900; fax (310) 515 -1606; or visit the web site: http://www.owi -inc.com.

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