Smartec announced NEYRO Series network dome cameras with video analytics and Full D1

STC-IPX3561A NEYRO Series network camera is designed for indoor round-the-clock operation. It has 3-axis bracket for direction adjustment, 2,8-10,5 mm varifocal lens with AI and IP66 camera housing.

Smartec STC -IPX3561A intelligent network dome camera supports VCA video analytics and also uses 1/3" Sony SuperHAD CCD and H.264, M -JPEG and MPEG -4 video codecs. New Smartec camera provides two -way audio and 2 video streams transmission with up to Full D1 resolution. In addition, network dome camera is equipped with 3 -axis bracket, 2,8 -10,5 mm varifocal lens with AI and IP66 aluminum housing. To configure and manage STC -IPX3561A over the network, the operator can use standard web browser or NetStation software.

Due to 1/3" Sony SuperHAD CCD, removable IR -cut filter and digital processor, STC -IPX3561A provides informative video footage at various levels of illumination. New network dome camera can generate Color and B/W images at up to 0,3/0,1 lux of minimum illumination and also supports frame accumulation mode for clear images even in low light conditions. Camera settings can be configured over the network by adjusting exposure, white balance, flicker and backlight compensation, AGC, etc.

STC -IPX3561A uses H.264, M -JPEG and MPEG -4 video codecs and provides multi -channel video transmission. In H.264, this network dome camera can transmit crisp images even in low bit rate, allowing the operator to increase archive storage duration without any additional IP -server resources. To improve image quality in low light conditions, network camera activates digital noise reduction, which also saves up to 70% of DVR disk space.

Like other NEYRO Series IP -cameras, STC -IPX3561A is bundled with VCA presence video analytics, which provides objects' detection under different weather and light conditions. VCA presence also enables the camera to track moving objects (up to 100 simultaneously), detect changes of their direction and control over camera manipulation - defocusing, closure or brushing its lens. Due to video analytics algorithms, each network dome camera can operate as security sensors with the ability to activate recording system or alarm signal.

If necessary, users can buy extended VCA surveillance license, which allows the operator to set "acceptable" and "unacceptable" directions of movement, classify objects by size and speed, control their temporary stay in the restricted area etc. Moreover, network dome camera with VCA surveillance can count the number of objects over time, calculate human traffic and support "Double border" filter.

STC -IPX3561A features audio input/output, ensuring 2 -way audio communication between the operator and monitoring area. To use 2 -way audio, network cameras must be supplied with a microphone and speaker. In addition, network dome camera has an alarm I/O for connection of the external alarm sensors and executive devices. New dome models also have memory card slot for video recording (on alarm event, disconnection, etc.).

It should be noted that STC -IPX3561A is designed for video surveillance systems with high security requirements. Therefore, each network dome camera is equipped with a durable aluminum body with IP66 protection rating. The design of camera housing allows the operator to install it on the ceiling/ wall without any additional mounting brackets. At the same time, 3 -axis bracket and 2,8 -10,5 mm varifocal lens enable setting proper direction and angle of view.

As a software platform for video surveillance system with Smartec and third -party IP -devices, it is recommended to use NetStation professional software. It can handle up to 32 IP -cameras per one server, providing opportunities for viewing and archiving video/audio information. Also, this network dome camera can operate with other software, like NetHunter by Mitsubishi, which supports basic and advanced VCA video analytics.

New Smartec STC -IPX3561A network dome cameras are offered from stock by Smartec dealers. For more information about STC -IPX3561A and other Smartec network equipment, please, send your request to info@smartec or contact your Smartec dealers directly.

Under Smartec brand name, a wide range of equipment is supplied, allowing to build traditional and digital video surveillance systems of any configuration and complexity. The product line includes standard analog cameras (B/W, color and "day -night"), IP -cameras, varifocal lenses, network dome cameras, 15" -32" LCD -monitors, 4 -32 -ch DVRs, IP -video servers, camera housings, brackets and other video surveillance devices.

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