Smartec presented PTZ camera with IP68, 36x zoom lens and IR illuminator

A distinctive feature of Smartec STC-3906 is its 360 ░ rotation both in horizontal and vertical planes. Due to this feature, new PTZ camera can be recommended both for traditional CCTV systems and objects with extreme environmental conditions.

A distinctive feature of Smartec STC -3906 is its 360 ░ rotation both in horizontal and vertical planes. Due to this feature, new PTZ camera can be recommended both for traditional CCTV systems and objects with extreme environmental conditions. STC -3906 is equipped with Sony CCD, 36x optical zoom lens and IR illuminator. It generates clear images with 530 TVL resolution at up to 0 lux of minimum illumination. In addition, this PTZ model allows the operator to set up to 165 presets and 8 guarding tours. It also features 4 alarm inputs and high IP68 protection rating.

The original PTZ mechanism provides 360 ░ rotation of the camera both in horizontal and vertical planes. For automatic tracking this PTZ camera allows the operator to set up to 8 guarding tours, including up to 60 positions of pan/tilt and zoom lens. In the manual mode, rotation and scaling are carried out using a mouse, keyboard or joystick, supporting Pelco P and D telemetry protocols.

Waterproof metal casing with IP68 protection enables the camera to operate in all weather conditions. Since all the joints of this model are leakproof, this PTZ camera can also operate in water (1 meter). Thus, new camera features the rotation shafts with DuPont teflon coating, which is resistant to adhesive substances and corrosive chemical environments. Camera's tempered glass with a special coating prevents condensation, scratches and dust settling.

To maintain optimum internal temperature, new PTZ camera has a heater with thermostat and fan, enabling camera usage in temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 C ░. Adjustment of heating and ventilating devices operation is carried out by the temperature sensors with the ability to display current temperature on a connected monitor. Smartec PTZ camera is also equipped with the special vibration sensor, which ensures the accuracy of its pan/tilt rotation even in extreme weather conditions.

Built -in zoom lens with 3.4 mm - 122.4 mm focal range provides 36x optical zoom, while 1/4 Sony SuperHAD CCD allows PTZ camera to generate clear detailed images with 530 TVL resolution. In addition, this PTZ model has 50 dB S/N ratio, auto white balance, backlight compensation and 24 masking zones in the frame. For Day/Night video surveillance this camera uses IR cut filter, switching STC -3906 between "Day" and "Night" modes. The sensitivity of STC -3906 is 0.05 lux in B/W at 1/4 sec of shutter speed.

Video surveillance in total darkness is carried out by using built -in IR illuminator with light -emitting diodes with 850 nm frequency. Pulsed operation of these LEDs reduces power consumption of IR illuminator up to 2 times. IR illumination of PTZ camera can be adjusted automatically, providing balanced area illumination when changing zoom lens viewing angle.

Effective operation of the video camera in CCTV systems is ensured by alarm interfaces. STC -3906 is equipped with 4 alarm inputs for external alarm sensors and 2 relay outputs to control executive devices. In case of alarm signal PTZ camera allows the operator to set various device algorithms: using presets, the guarding tours launching or activation of the relay output, which can be connected to a siren, lighting and other executive devices.

New Smartec STС -3906 PTZ cameras are offered from stock by Smartec dealers. For more information about STС -3906 and other Smartec PTZ equipment, please, send your request to info@smartec or contact your Smartec dealers directly.

Under Smartec brand name, a wide range of equipment is supplied, allowing to build traditional and digital video surveillance systems of any configuration and complexity. The product line includes standard analog cameras (B/W, color and "day -night"), IP -cameras, varifocal lenses, PTZ cameras, speed dome cameras, 15" -32" LCD -monitors, 4 -32 -ch DVRs, IP -video servers, camera housings, brackets and other video surveillance devices.

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