Technology by RedMere Lets Travelers, Students, and Mobile Execs Connect Cameras, Tablets, Phones, or Any HDMI Source To Digital TVs Anywhere They Go

Many cameras, tablet PCs, and portable gadgets now connect directly to any HDTV using an HDMI cable. To make HDMI cables as portable as their products, several major brands now make HDMI cables 70% thinner and lighter using technology by RedMere

Hundreds of millions of new portable gadgets - cameras, smartphones, tablet PCs, games, etc. - can now connect digitally to an HDTV so that users can view their stored files and streaming content, including business presentations, on a big screen TV wherever they go, including hotels, homes, and boardrooms anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, finding digital video cables as portable as the gadgets hasn't been easy. Until now.

Top TV and electronics companies, including Vizio®, Samsung®, PNY®, Monster®, and RadioShack® now make thin, lightweight, flexible and, yes, portable cables using new technology by RedMere, one of Ireland's leading tech firms. RedMere figured out how to boost signal strength and maintain quality so that extra -thin, light, and flexible cables can carry the data -rich digital video and surround sound signals used in TVs and other audio -video products with HDMI® technology.
Is there really a noticeable difference? Typically, cables using RedMere's technology are 70 -80% thinner and lighter than conventional cables of the same length. Practically speaking, that means having a 10 -ft. cable that fits comfortably in one's shirt pocket instead of awkwardly in a computer bag, briefcase or backpack.
RedMere's technology is based on tiny, self -powered chip built into a cable connector with HDMI technology. The RedMere chip boosts the signal so that the cable can be thin - even thinner than an iPod® USB cable - and still handle the required high speed data rate (10.2 Gb/s). Cables with RedMere technology, also known as "active" cables, are the world's thinnest, lightest, and most flexible cables for products that connect using HDMI technology.
During a recent U.S. visit, RedMere founder and CEO Peter Smyth said, "Cables powered by RedMere active technology are as portable as the devices they're made for. A cable with our technology coils up to fit in your pocket or purse. No one does that with a typical high speed TV cable." RedMere's active technology cables support 3D TVand Ethernet -capable HDTVs. They are also being produced in lengths more than 50 feet, making them well -suited to home theater, boardroom, and other custom electronic installations.
Cables for Regular, Mini and Micro connectors with HDMI Technology
Cables with RedMere's active technology are available for products using any of three of connector types used for HDMI technology, including the D -size micro connectors found on the latest digital cameras and other portable gadgets.
HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and refers to a licensed technology used widely for conveying content to HDTVs and other audio and video devices, such as Blu -ray players, that use digital content. This year alone, according to independent industry analysts, electronics makers worldwide will ship more than 600 million finished products equipped with HDMI technology. Within the next three years, the analysts say, that annual figure will more than double to 1.3 billion products. According to RedMere, the US market for cables with HDMI technology will exceed $250 million this year alone and is expected to more than double in the next two years. Much of that growth will be in cables for portable devices, according to RedMere.
Links to brand name partners now selling RedMere -powered cables is available on the RedMere website,

About RedMere
RedMere, based in Dublin, Ireland, provides complete active -cable solutions to cable industry leaders and manufacturing partners. In a world where connection speed increases, RedMere enables easy to use, high quality, smart connectivity for The Home, On the Move and The Office. These new active cable systems deliver the ultimate in compact digital connectivity over for devices using HDMI, DisplayPort and USB technologies, including Video and Still Cameras, Smartphones, HDTV, Blu -Ray DVD, PS3 and Xbox, as well as enterprise solutions using Infiniband and PCI Express. RedMere is a private company with lead investors Celtic House Venture Partners and EdgeStone Capital Partners. Additional information is available at
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