Salt Lake City - June 14, 2011 - Mozaex™, the premiere manufacturer of multi -room, multi -media Blu -ray entertainment servers, announced today it has begun shipping the ShowStar all -in -one 3TB Blu -ray Entertainment Server. The ShowStar will be presented along with the company's family of Entertainment Servers at the Home Technology Event, Excel Center in London, UK, June 28 - 30.

"With a base pricing starting at $1,995 USD, ShowStar represents the world's most affordable complete entertainment server that can load, store, and play hundreds of movies, albums, photo slide shows, and more than one hundred online media channels," said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm.

"At these extraordinary prices, everyone can afford luxury on -demand entertainment. Our dealers can dramatically expand their sales into the hundreds of thousands of untapped mid -level home entertainment projects," Kihm continued. "At a price that is less than a mid -range HDTV, the ShowStar offers the dealer a profitable way to differentiate their custom products and services from 'me -too' retail products by significantly improving their client's entertainment value, experience, and lifestyle."

ShowStar simplifies home entertainment by providing instant access to a client's entire collection of Blu -ray, DVD and home movies, CD and online music, photo slide shows and online media. The ShowStar satisfies the growing demand for an affordable entertainment solution the client can simply plug in and play their media in five minutes or less. ShowStar is based on the company's new X7 Operating System that's as easy to setup and use as a standard Blu -ray disc player.

"No other consumer class entertainment server offers this incredible price -to -performance value," added Kihm. "The nearest competition cost thousands of dollars more, requires an unreliable, complicated mechanical plastic disc changer, and doesn't support photos or online media. Even at these affordable prices, the ShowStar does not compromise on the playback quality of Blu -ray movies and HD photos. Based on NVidia® GPUs and PureVideo HD™ technology, the ShowStar delivers vivid 1080p Blu -ray video quality with crystal clear 7.1 channel surround sound HD Audio."

Since the ShowStar does not ship with unlicensed decryption software, the product is 100 percent legal and consequently does not require any cumbersome and expensive disc changers to play movies. However, for those who want greater peace -of -mind regarding any legal issues, Mozaex optionally offers a $2,495 USD "Cache 100" disc changer that prevents movie playback if the disc is not present.

Unlike the company's professional multi -room, scalable "Pro Line" series of Entertainment Servers, ShowStar was designed to meet the needs of the typical non -technical consumer who simply wants to store and play their personal collection of media in a single room with a click of a button.

While the ShowStar does not support additional media storage or independent Players as offered in the Pro Line series, dealers may add an audio/video switch to share the ShowStar in other rooms. ShowStar comes with a handheld remote control and may also be controlled by a number of other control systems, including Control 4, iPad/iPhone, Elan and any one -way remote control system.

ShowStar also incorporates a complete Music Server that allows the client to control the browsing and playback of their loaded music and networked iTunes library using Apple's own elegantly designed, free iPad/iPhone "Remote" App. This new Mozaex "2 -Way iTunes" feature allows them to play any iTunes music library located on their home network via the ShowStar and Apple's Airport Express.

With USA and International retail pricing starting at $1,995 USD for the Blu -ray drive 1TB model, the ShowStar is the world's most affordable all -in -one Blu -ray entertainment solution. A 2TB and a 3TB Blu -ray model are available at $2,495 USD and $2,995 USD, respectively. A DVD drive model starts at $1,495 USD.

The ShowStar comes with a 15 -day money back guarantee and is covered by a limited 1 -year parts, 90 -day labor warranty plus free product lifetime telephone support. Mozaex offers its dealers at no -charge a live webinar technical training class plus free standard software updates.

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About Mozaex
Mozaex was formed by the founder and developer of the Axonix® MediaMax™ with the goal of delivering the world's finest and most reliable Blu -ray™ Entertainment Server. The Mozaex system is a multi -room media server that loads, stores and instantly delivers, Blu -ray movies, music, photos and online content. Combining elegant operation with uncompromised reliability and quality, Mozaex has quickly become the solution of choice for homes and yachts around the world. Mozaex is sold exclusively through a network of 750 dealers that are supported by 10 domestic rep firms and 18 international distributors in more than 25 countries.

All specifications cited are subject to change including any 3rd Party specifications which may have been obtained in part from the respective company's web site. While Mozaex is shipped with licensed decryption software that is used to play back optical DVD and Blu -ray discs, it may not be able to load or play some or all DVD and Blu -ray movies. Mozaex does not ship, offer or induce the use of any unlicensed decrypting software on Mozaex products. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain legal advice and obey all related copyright laws. All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Mozaex © 2011 All rights reserved.

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