Furman's PL -PRO DMC Power Conditioner Protects and Optimizes Performance of Sound Reinforcement System in Indiana Convention Center

It's hard for a facility to compete with major destinations for conventions and exhibitions if its sound system earns a reputation for poor and unreliable performance.

PETALUMA, Calif. - - June 2, 2011 - - It's hard for a facility to compete with major destinations for conventions and exhibitions if its sound system earns a reputation for poor and unreliable performance. At the Indiana Convention Center, such a detail could put a serious damper on a $275 million expansion project designed to increase convention business. That's why the design team at Bowen Technovation chose Furman's 20A PL -PRO DMC power conditioners to protect and optimize the performance of sensitive audio equipment in the convention center's extensive new sound reinforcement system.

Completed last January, the recent expansion of the Indiana Convention Center added 254,000 square feet of exhibit space, 63,000 square feet of meeting rooms, and 103,000 square feet of pre -function space. An indoor climate -controlled, street -level, and underground connector links the Convention Center to Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the NFL's Indianapolis Colts. The revamped center includes new sound, paging, intercom, and video systems. The systems were designed by Bowen Technovation, an Indianapolis -based provider of A/V, lighting, control, and production solutions. A battery of Crown amplifiers, and JBL and Tannoy loudspeakers, are located throughout the facility.

"This recent expansion puts the Indiana Convention Center on par with other major convention destinations in the U.S., and a big part of that appeal is the technology it offers, such as the new systems. So we needed to make sure that all equipment would be well protected and supplied with clean power in the four exhibit halls, in addition to the meeting rooms and pre -function spaces," said Jeff Bowen, president of Bowen Technovation. "To protect components from damaging power irregularities while enhancing performance for visitors, we specified 46 Furman PL -PRO DMC power conditioners into our design. Thirty -five units are being utilized in the main A/V control room on the second floor, with another six units in the first -level A/V room and five units in the second -level A/V room."

Part of Furman's Classic Series, the PL -PRO DMC offers Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) for unequaled audio and video clarity, Series Multi -Stage Protection (SMP) for the highest level of surge protection available, and Automatic Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) to protect connected equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions. The 20A capacity unit features nine outlets with two rear -panel isolated outlet banks to lower inter -component noise interference, and a "Protection OK" indicator on the front panel to alert users to the operational status.

For rack illumination, the PL -PRO DMC features "Smooth Track" LED rack lights and a rear -panel BNC connector to power any standard gooseneck lamp. The unit offers a laboratory -precision -grade digital voltmeter/ammeter to monitor the incoming line voltage and true RMS current, and a front -panel charger for small USB -powered electronics. To accommodate bulky transformers, the PL -PRO DMC features wall -wart spacing, as well as Furman's Velcro "Secure Straps" wall -wart locking system to provide additional support for racks that must travel.

"We chose the PL -PRO DMC based on our experience with the Furman product line. We've installed a large number of the company's power management solutions all over the world, and they are reliable products," added Bowen. "Because of that reliability, we include them in our system designs as well, such as for the Indiana Convention Center. The center held its grand opening in January and, as expected, Furman has provided flawless performance."

"In installations such as at the Indianapolis Convention Center, where it's competing with other major conference destinations, reliable power management systems are critical in ensuring peak performance from top -of -the -line audio equipment at all times," said Michael R. Cast, Jr., vice president of operations for Fairchild Communication Systems, A/V contractor for the convention center project. "Having the proven reliability of Furman's products in this installation gives us the peace of mind that the sound system is backed by the best protection possible."

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About Bowen Technovation
Bowen Technovation was founded in 1985 as one of the nation's first producers of high -end computer -assisted sound design and music scores for TV, radio, corporate, and lots of documentary/educational work. Through the late 1980s and at the request of clients, the company became a leading -edge designer and installer of high -end audio, video, control, and lighting systems for museums, science centers, planetariums, and IMAX theaters. Bowen Technovation is highly respected internationally by manufacturers, architects, exhibit designers, facilities managers, and CEOs. More information is available at www.bowentechnovation.com.

About Furman
Furman has been an international leader in developing award -winning, innovative power management products for more than 35 years. The company's power and energy management products give audio/video systems the pure, noise -free power they need for superlative performance while protecting them from damage caused by power surges and lightning. As part of Panamax LLC, Furman addresses all major electronic markets, including home theater, professional audio and video, the music industry, broadcasting, audio/video recording, and office equipment. Panamax/Furman's cloud -based power and energy management platform, BlueBOLT(R), sets a new industry standard in ease of installation and use. Furman is based in Petaluma, Calif., and sells through an international dealer network and through select retail outlets. More information is available at www.furmansound.com.

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PL PRO DMC Photo Link: www.flickr.com/photos/43114252@N07/5758199155/in/photostream

Indiana Convention Center Photo Link: www.wallstcom.com/Furman/Indiana_Convention_Center.zip
Photo credit: Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority

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