Home Technology Specialists of America Celebrates 15 Years of Successful Service and Innovation

Leading organization of custom home theater design, HTSA, continues to offer the country's most experienced and knowledgeable custom retailers after 15 years

CHESTER SPRINGS, Pa. -April 18, 2011 - In 2011, Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) will commemorate their 15th Anniversary. HTSA's growth, longevity and success can be attributed to their member's innovation and ability to adapt.

This ability to innovate is demonstrated once again with the recent online launch of their highly successful HD Living magazine called HDLiving.com. The printed magazine premiered in the fall of 2007 to showcase how technologies can make life simpler and more enjoyable. "This new website features articles, editorials, product reviews, music reviews and many other resources of information to help our clients stay on the leading edge of technology and enhance their lifestyle," says Glikes.

In 1996, 12 members of an appliance based buying group met at a Mitsubishi dealer line show and decided to form their own group that more closely resembled their business model and did not include appliances. They incorporated as Home Theater Specialists of America later that same year. In the beginning, HTSA was comprised of the 12 founders along with their primary vendor partners consisting of M&K, Yamaha, Flexsteel, and Mitsubishi.

These members were traditional retailers who focused on high -performance audio and rear -projection big -screen televisions. HTSA members became the dominant independent specialists in their markets and through the late 1990's, were the primary channel for introducing new technologies and brands such as Loewe and LG. They continued to lead the way as one of the first channels to make the shift towards today's popular flat -panel technology.

In order to meet the demands of their clients and stay ahead of the ever -changing technology landscape, HTSA updated their by -laws in 2005 to allow systems integrators to join. The group's membership subsequently grew to over 50 and vendor partners grew from the initial four to over 45.

"We were among the first specialty experts to move our business model to include the integration of audio and video originally with rear projection television and eventually flat panel television," says Richard Glikes, Executive Director of HTSA. "The next step was developing whole home automation and control. In 2010, we aptly changed our name to reflect this evolution of our model and became the Home Technology Specialists of America."

HTSA continues to operate rooted in their founding principles created more than 15 years ago: idea and information sharing, relationship building, economies of scale in marketing, and program advantages.

For any HTSA media inquiries, please contact Jackie Zima -Evans at 610 -228 -2138 (direct), 215 -534 -2973 (cell), or write to Jackie@GregoryFCA.com.

Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA) is a national association of electronics experts who service the home and business. HTSA's members are located in 37 states from coast to coast and each location is staffed with experts who design and install high -end audio, video, automation, lighting, and climate systems for a discriminating clientele. HTSA represents a total buying power of more than $400 million and is supported by 60 retailers, nearly 100 store fronts, more than 800 installers, and another 800 sales personnel in the field. The impeccable work of HTSA members is affirmed through references and endorsements from designers, architects, builders and clientele, as well as partnerships with real estate developers and electronics manufacturers who recognize their commitment to quality. Visit www.HTSA.com for more information. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow HTSA on Twitter and on Facebook.

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