"We're ready for streaming" say consumers But we haven't reached the fabled 'Post -PC' era just yet…

Free software, such as Twonky from PacketVideo, takes advantage of the wireless capabilities built in to every new connected device and makes smooth, trouble-free in-home streaming a reality.

Wednesday 13th April 2011: Research carried out in February has found that 40% of consumers want to stream their music, images and videos wirelessly around their home, but nearly 20% are unaware it is so easy to do. Free software, such as Twonky from PacketVideo, takes advantage of the wireless capabilities built in to every new connected device and makes smooth, trouble -free in -home streaming a reality.

The number of web -connected devices is increasing: PacketVideo's research found that 62.8% of total respondents said they had a laptop, with 61.4% owning a PC or Mac and 33.7% a TV. In fact, it seems that web -TVs are even catching up with smartphone ownership: the survey found that web -TV ownership was only 4.8 percentage points behind smartphone take -up (45.8%).

With more electronic devices becoming wireless internet -ready, using a cable to view videos from your smartphone on your TV or having to upload photos by USB no longer makes sense. It has been said that we are entering a post -PC era, but our research shows that more than 60% of respondents still consider their laptops to be the most important connected device in the home.

So you have a home computer, you have a smartphone, you may have an internet TV - but how do you make all of your music, movies and images available to you on any device around your home at any time? Twonky allows you to control and share all of your media from your smartphone or PC to any other connected device around your home, removing the barriers created through having many different devices all using different ecosystems and from different manufacturers.

Twonky works with any TV, game console, A/V system, PC, network -attached storage (NAS) device, digital media adapter and mobile device that is DLNA or UPnP compatible, plus a number of other devices that aren't DLNA® - or UPnP™ AV - compliant, such as the Xbox 360.

The research was commissioned on behalf of PacketVideo by Mobile Squared and carried out by Lightspeed Research, using a sample group of 1,000 in February 2011. The research has been presented in a PacketVideo White Paper called 'Connecting the Connected', which analyses the pent up demand of consumers for connected and accessible content. Consumers are now accustomed to accessing the internet anytime and from anywhere, but it seems that they aren't aware that their own photos, videos, music and documents can be enjoyed remotely.

Léon Chicheportiche, Vice -President of Sales Europe at PacketVideo, said: "The technology is already here that makes easy streaming a reality, but it takes great software like Twonky to make it happen. Twonky is freely available software that makes it straightforward to stream photos, music or video around your home, using your laptop or smartphone as a media server. It seems that software like Twonky is what consumers want - not because it is fashionable, but because it fits with the way people live and how they interact with their electronic devices."

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