The ultimate Vantage mobile access solution: create your own Vantage touchscreen on your iPad®

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Vantage iPad® app. Now you can control your Vantage audio, lighting, climate and camera systems with your iPad®. The app is designed to provide homeowners with simple, intuitive control of their homes

Transform your iPad® into a fully customizable mobile touchscreen for your Vantage automation and lighting system. It's all very easy and comprehensive with a Vantage touchscreen on your iPad®. You can simply copy the Vantage touchscreen design, or you can create a new design of your own.

Use it anywhere to control any room, any home or any office. Users benefit from real -time feedback on room temperature, lighting levels, whole -home scenes and camera surveillance. The ability to browse and play Vantage music sources, use the Vantage touchscreen as a remote control for your television set or home theatre system, or select a radio station makes it easy to set the scene for a perfect evening of entertaining at home.

"Home control should be easy and intuitive," "This means enabling homeowners to leverage pre -existing devices that are already integral to their lifestyles. The iPad® is everywhere. Our customers are thrilled that we've extended the utility of these platforms to control whole -home functions."
Comprehensive Camera Control is another feature of the new application. It allows users to flip between cameras, navigate individual IP cameras, or view all cameras at once, empowering homeowners to observe property activity in real time and from a distance, enhancing estate security and providing peace of mind for travelers. This Camera Control application is identical to the available applications on the existing Vantage in -wall touchscreens. This is also valid for all Vantage applications available on the applet for iPad®.

- Next -generation luxury, available now -
"For years homeowners have been able to program thermostats to regular intervals; what is revolutionary is the ability to adjust home temperatures remotely as the weather outside changes," "Luxury living means satisfying whims instantaneously to realize and maintain ideal comfort levels from any location, at once. Vantage has made it simple for homeowners to dim lights, change temperatures, manage music, and more from their iPad®, a resource that is nearly always nearby. This is next -generation luxury, available now."

- Free demo to download from the apple store -
Go to the Apple store and download the Vantage iPad application for free and discover how you can dim the lights in the Vantage entrance hall and much more from your iPad® - without the slightest effort.

- About Vantage -
Founded more than 20 years ago, Vantage is a leading manufacturer of automated control and dimming systems for residential and commercial applications. Vantage supplies high -performance solutions for the integration of all facility functions in a single central system, which can be programmed to activate devices according to a schedule or in response to sensor signals or button presses. All imaginable systems, such as heating, lighting, audio, video, alarm systems and many more, are subtly integrated to form a single system that enables the entire living environment to adapt to the residents' daily routines. Simple, stylish keypads and touchscreens eliminate arrays of switches and indicators. The entire system is interconnected using a simple, non -polarized two -wire bus, making Vantage products the easiest to install, the most versatile, and the most trouble -free of all available systems. Vantage products are distributed by a worldwide network of certified representatives, dealers and installers.

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WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

WaterCop + Z-Wave Technology = Complete water control

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