LB3510 and Other Robotic Lawn Mowers are the Best Choice for Keeping Grass Healthy

Now available, the LB3510 robotic lawn mower, keeps grass looking its best by mowing frequently. No gas or oil, recharging itself as often as needed, it keeps the lawn neatly manicured. This fantastic machine obeys the 1/3 rule of grass cutting.

Have you ever heard of the 1/3 rule of grass cutting? Horticulturalists recommend cutting only 1/3 of the grass blade at a time. It puts the least amount of stress on the grass blade, allowing to to receive sufficient sunlight to keep growing well. Extra sunlight allows the roots to grow more deeply into the soil, retrieving more nutrients that help the grass grow better. However, cutting only 1/3 of the blade is very challenging when grass grows several inches in a week.

Does that mean the lawn should be mowed more than once a week? Well, yes, it does. In an ideal world, the grass would be mowed 2 -3 times per week. It is obvious, however, that few people have that kind of time. This leaves two choices, 1) let the grass grow long and bag the clippings or 2) let the grass grow longer than ideal and let the clippings decay on the lawn.

Bagging clippings has fallen out of favor due to a realization that yard waste takes a lot of landfill space. Most communities now require the purchase of stickers to dispose of yard waste in landfills. Leaving the clippings to decay on the lawn has its disadvantages as well. When grass is too long, the clippings remain in large clumps. Sunlight cannot get through to the grass underneath. The result is dead patches all over the lawn.

Horticulturalists also recommend mowing in a random pattern. Many people mow in the same direction every time. This causes permanent tracks to be formed. Mowing in a random fashion is too time consuming for the average homeowner.

What about thatch? Thatch is the layer of dead grass that builds up on the surface of the ground. Thatch is inevitable, all lawns have thatch. However, if there is too much thatch, the grass roots no longer reach the soil. This is an absolute disaster for a lawn. Roots not reaching the soil means the grass receives few nutrients and eventually the grass will die. Fixing the disaster is also a nightmare because the only solution is to peel off the dead grass and reseed or resod, a major undertaking.

What causes too much thatch? Mowing infrequently, too much fertilizer and too much water. Grass grows and dies off faster than mother nature can decay it, creating a thick thatch layer. Thatch thicker than 1" can begin to cause problems in a lawn.

All electric robotic lawn mowers and careful application of fertilizers and water are the solutions to meeting horticulturalists recommendations, eliminating dead patches and avoiding a thatch disaster.

Robot lawn mowers mow frequently and chop grass into very fine bits. The clippings are so small they fall into the lawn and are invisible. Clippings never remain in clumps. The clippings are a natural fertilizer so less commercial fertilizer is needed, saving money.

Robot lawn mowers also mow in a fully random pattern, which is the absolute best pattern for the healthiest lawn, as affirmed by horticulturalists.

Electric robotic lawn mowers also put less stress on grass by obeying the 1/3 rule of grass cutting, putting the least amount of stress on grass blades allowing them to grow their best.

Automatic robot mowers prevent the build -up of thatch and completely avoid a thatch disaster by mowing frequently. Thatch does not have a chance to build up too fast.

There are many robotic lawn mower models, such as Robomower RL1000, Lawnbott LB3210 and LB1200, but the Lawnbott LB3510 is the world's leading robotic lawn mower because it has a feature set that makes it the most appealing and the best for very large lawns.

Paradise Robotics is an Authorized Dealer for Lawnbott. Paradise Robotics is a Warranty Service Center and offers Professional Installation for robot lawn mowers.

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