THE BMC STORY: Two -Year Old Germany -based Brand Exclusively Distributed by Aaudio Imports New in Name Only

Audio Innovator Weds Modular Designs and Unconventional Technologies with Superb Performance and High Affordability in Compelling US Debut

PARKER, CO, Mar. 8, 2011 - Audio Imports, newly selected by BMC Audio of Germany as its exclusive distributor in North America, will soon begin rolling out a line of high -performance, technically and visually sophisticated, affordably priced audio components. Balanced Music Concept (BMC) is an innovative developer and manufacturer of audiophile components that combine a radically different approach than other audio companies with unconventional technologies, and extreme value. Audio Imports is a leading supplier of truly world -class high -end audio products to top quality dealers, making BMC's products an ideal addition to Aaudio Imports' family of offerings.

The BMC story begins with its owners, Bernd Hugo and Carlos Candeias, who also serve as BMC's managing directors. Founded in 2009, the brand is new in name only. Highly experienced designers and managers, supported by an equally capable executive team, Hugo and Candeias bring to BMC decades of accumulated knowledge and experience in high -performance audio. Both are electrical engineers who have previously founded successful audio companies, Restak by Bernd Hugo and Candeias Audio Electronics by Carlos Candeias. At its peak, Restak produced a string of award -winning audio components while Candeias Audio has grown into a mature developer and manufacturer of high -end audio electronics.

BMC's well -rounded product line includes the AMP C1 Stereo Integrated Amplifier, a power amp with variable amplification and input choices, suggested price $7,990; the AMP M1 Mono Power Amplifier, featuring a gigantic power pack with a 2 -KW ring -core transformer, suggested price $15,580/pair; and the AMP S1 Stereo Power Amplifier, featuring balanced Current Injection to increase the purity of the audio signal, suggested price $7,790.

The line also includes the MCCI Phono MC, a balanced, passively equalized moving coil phono pre -amplifier, suggested price $3,890; the BDCD1 Player/Transport, featuring a belt -driven player and transport, suggested price $5,790; and the DAC1/PRE (D/A Converter/Preamp), which delivers a musical experience that lets listeners forget its digital origins, suggested price $$5,790. The RC1 All -Aluminum Remote Control is included with the AMP C1 Stereo Integrated Amplifier, the BDCD1 CD Player/Transport, and the DAC1/PRE (D/A Converter/Preamp), and also available optionally at a suggested price of $270.

Sound and Sophistication
BMC builds its components with sturdy aluminum chassis, the finest components available, no -compromise artistry, and exceptional concepts designed to make innovation and perfection serve music reproduction. These concepts include:

• Modular Designs. A concept that adds flexibility to BMC components with individually configurable units, based on BMC's in -depth research on the impact of electronic circuitry on music reproduction. The strategy requires a closer than usual relationship between customer, retailer and manufacturer, and opens the door to future upgrades that preserve each component's technical currency as well as its owner's investment.

• Current Injection (CI). CI is a current input in which a moving -coil pickup cartridge becomes part of the amplifier. The cartridge serves a generator injecting its current into a system of balanced DC currents, creating an amplified output voltage with a precise analogy to the source signal. Dynamic losses and distortions are dramatically lower than common voltage amplifiers. CI is actually an unusual application of the common base circuit, known for its wide bandwidth, low distortion, excellent dynamics and musical performance.

• Superlink. Superlink is a signal transmission technology that requires four times the usual number of interconnection cables but skips any coding process. It transmits left/right -clock, bit -clock, and digital audio music data from the CD -transport to the DAC while the DAC itself generates the master -clock and sends it to the CD -transport via four 75 -Ohm BNC cables. The result is a more intense link to the music, a wider and more realistic soundstage, more details, and beautifully sounding colors.

• Digital Intelligent Gain Management (DIGM). DIGM recalibrates amplifier gain in 66 steps without dividing and downgrading the input signal. DIGM enables the adjustment of left/right output balances in 1dB increments, eliminates the need for a preamp circuit, and allows a DAC to directly connect to an amplifier. Benefits also include a very short signal path, low noise, and the ability to reduce noise and distortions by reducing the volume.

• Load Effect Free (LEF) Technology. Carlos Candeias' LEF circuitry achieves high output and high quality audio reproduction unaffected by characteristic faults on the transistor side. Benefits include increased amplifier efficiency and lower noise in DAC circuitry. Provides a top -level signal without the need for voltage amplification.

BMC's modular design strategy, intelligent planning and decades of executive experience help keep its retail prices startlingly low for the level and sophistication of its products. On the service side, the company keeps all its components in stock all the time and ships immediately on receiving an order.

About Audio Imports
Based in Parker, Colorado, Aaudio Imports is a leading supplier of truly world -class high -end audio products to top quality dealers. Its high -end manufacturers, selected from companies around the world, also stand out from the crowd, and include Acapella in Germany, Audiotop in Switzerland, Bergmann Audio in Denmark, Einstein Audio Components in Germany, Isoclean Power in Hong Kong, Lansche Audio and Millennium Audio in Germany, Stage III Concepts in the U.S., Thomas Labusga of Germany, Weizhi Precision in Taiwan, and Ypsilon Electronics in Greece. Aaudio Imports dealers are true music lovers, selected for their product knowledge, listening skills, and desire to seek out only the best for their customers. For further technical information, visit Aaudio Imports' website at

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