Sequoia Technology Group Ltd Celebrates its 25th Birthday

On Feb 27th 2011 Sequoia Technology Group celebrated its 25th anniversary. Sequoia has been involved in electronics technology since 1986.

On Feb 27th 2011 Sequoia Technology Group celebrated its 25th anniversary. Sequoia was incorporated as a new company in 1986 and started life as a high tech distributor of semiconductors. In the intervening years much has happened to Sequoia including a 6 -7 year sojourn in the ownership of Tekelec SA, the French distributor. Then a management buy out in 2000, by the current directors, back to a private company again.

Today, Sequoia is a very different company with a strong concentration on wireless, video and remote monitoring expertise, employs 30 people and looks set to achieve a 20+% growth for the year ending March. Sequoia is now more a designer and manufacturer of wireless, kiosk and SMSprinter products a along with custom software and gateways and will continue to expand and add employees over the next period. The company comprises of five different divisions with separate websites to appeal to the different audiences: - Sequoia for wireless and video products, Kiosks4Business for all kiosk and survey software products, Sensormetrix for remote monitoring products and systems, SMS2printer for GPRS enabled printer systems and gateways, Siretta for antennas. A rising content of Sequoia's sales is now export including to Romania, Mozambique, Kenya, Zambia and shortly Zimbabwe.

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D-Tools System Integration Software

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