Atlona Technologies(R) 2011 NAB Show

April 11-14 -- Las Vegas Booth SL7706

"This is our fourth consecutive year exhibiting at NAB, and we are pleased to once again join the upper echelon of the A/V industry in the unveiling of our exciting new products," said Kevin Billingsley, sales director at Atlona Technologies. "This year we will be highlighting a number of cost -effective solutions to meet the needs of broadcasters, including a 10 -input video scaler/processor/switcher with HDMI output; a 7 -inch testing monitor with HDMI, VGA, and component inputs; a complete signal testing kit; a multi -input presentation switcher; and 3G -SDI/HD -SDI/SD -SDI to HDMI with stereo audio converter. In addition, we will be demonstrating fiber optic extension and SDI solutions from our Signature Line. It's an exciting time at Atlona, and we look forward to introducing our latest and greatest to the broadcasting industry in April."

New Atlona Products on Display at the 2011 NAB Show:

AT -LINE -PRO4 Professional 10 -Input Video Scaler/Processor/Switcher With HDMI Output
Part of Atlona's Signature Line, the AT -LINE -PRO4 boasts 10 inputs for all A/V devices, including four HDMI/DVI, three VGA, one component, one S -Video, and one composite video input. The unit is designed to upscale the signal from any A/V device to the native resolution of the connected display up to 1080p or 1920x1200, ensuring the highest picture quality possible. The AT -LINE -PRO4's HDMI output is capable of both digital and analog switching, as well as full 3D support for HDMI pass -through. For digital projectors, the unit's digital coaxial audio output allows audio to be sent to a separate A/V amplifier.

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Image Caption: Atlona AT -LINE -PRO4

AT -DIS7 -PROHD 7 -Inch Testing Monitor With HDMI, VGA, and Component Inputs
The Atlona AT -DIS7 -PROHD is a 7 -inch testing monitor designed for those looking to test cabling and installation of different components. This portable display recognizes any HDMI, DVI, VGA, or component video source at resolutions up to 1080p or 1920x1200 (including a huge variety of other HDTV and computer resolutions), and allows integrators to observe both audio and video signals in real time. The AT -DIS7 -PROHD can also be used to test 3D sources.

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Image Caption: Atlona AT -DIS7 -PROHD

AT -DRC444 Multi -Input Presentation Switcher Featuring 3x Audio and Video Switching
The AT -DRC444 includes four inputs with one output composite video switch; four inputs with one output VGA switch; and 2 DVI and 2 HDMI inputs with one DVI output switch. Each video input is accompanied with its own audio input. In addition, the switcher features a microphone input and allows users to mix the microphone signal with the main audio in "talk -over" mode. The DRC444 is designed to be controlled via RS232, RS485, or IR.

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Image Caption: Atlona AT -DRC444

AT -3GSDI -HD2 3G -SDI/HD -SDI/SD -SDI to HDMI With Stereo Audio Converter
The AT -3GSDI -HD2 is the perfect device for monitoring and production where camera or computer SDI outputs need to be converted to work with HDMI or DVI displays. The unit is a pure digital converter which guarantees no transition loss. The AT -3GSDI -HD2 fully supports all audio formats up to 8 -channel and is able to send audio though the HDMI port as well as though a separate stereo audio output. The converter features a re -clocked SDI loop -out to either allow daisy chaining or connection to a local SDI display.

KIT -PROHD3 Digital Connectivity Testing Kit
The Atlona KIT -PROHD3 allows integrators to diagnose 99 percent of all system digital connectivity issues in moments, saving both time and overhead. The kit includes the AT -HD800 signal generator, AT -DIS7 -PROHD testing monitor, AT -HDSync HDMI EDID emulator, and five -hour battery in a high -quality Pelican(TM) case.

The AT -HD800 signal generator allows users to send a variety of high -resolution testing patterns in both 2D and multiple 3D formats. This unit also provides on -screen readouts of all EDID information sent from the display data channel (DDC), allowing users to pinpoint interoperability issues in sources, cables, extenders, switchers, AVRs, distribution amplifiers, and displays.

The Atlona AT -DIS7 -PROHD is a 7 -inch HDMI/VGA/component testing monitor designed to test display capabilities in any digital AV system. This portable display recognizes any HDMI, DVI, VGA, or component video sources at both HDTV and VESA resolutions up to 1080p or 1920x1200, and allows integrators and installers to observe both digital audio and video signals in real time.

The Atlona AT -HDSync is the perfect device for fixing any EDID, hot plug, or sync issue. Almost 90 percent of all issues when installing HDMI equipment are related to missing EDID or incorrect read -out.

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Image Caption: Atlona KIT -PROHD3

Fiber Optic Extender Solutions on Display at the 2011 NAB Show:
At the 2011 NAB Show, Atlona will showcase a wide range of fiber optic extension solutions from its Signature Line. Manufactured in the USA, Atlona's fiber optic transmitters and receivers offer a miniature profile and provide extremely long -distance extension up to 1,500 feet at 1080p or 1920x1200 over a single multi -mode fiber. As cost -effective solutions, the products are interchangeable, allowing the use of a VGA transmitter and HDMI or DVI receiver and eliminating the need for an additional converter. In addition, fiber has an unlimited bandwidth. Sender and receivers can easily be changed to accommodate new standards, making them future -proof solutions. Providing convenience for installers, a built -in EDID learning function allows fast syncing without the need to reconnect. Atlona fiber solutions being highlighted include:
- VGA/component video with RS232, audio, and IR transmitter/receiver modules (AT -RGBF30R -IR, AT -RGBF30S -IR)
- HDMI with RS232, audio, and IR transmitter/receiver modules with HDCP and EDID support (AT -HDF30R -IR, AT -HDF30S -IR)
- Wall -plate -style HDMI and DVI transmitter/receiver modules with HDCP and EDID support (AT -HDFW10R, AT -HDFW10S, AT -DVIFW10R, AT -DVIFW10S)
- Miniature HDMI and DVI transmitter/receiver modules with HDCP and EDID support (AT -DVIF20R, AT -DVIF20S, AT -HDF20R, AT -HDF20S)

AT -3GSDI20SR Miniature Fiber Optic 3G/HD/SD -SDI Digital Video Extension Kit
The AT -3GSDI20SR is capable of sending 3G SDI signals and is one of the world's smallest 3G/HD -SDI baluns. This unit allows the transfer of 1080p HD -SDI signals at 3Gb/s, supporting a single -channel SMPTE -424M 3G HD -SDI, SMPTE -292M HD, or SMPTE -259M serial digital video signal over single - or multi -mode fiber. The AT -3GSDI20SR requires no adjustments from users, making setup quick and painless, and supports a wide variety of video formats including SDI, DVB -ASI, HD -SDI, and 3G -SDI.

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Image Caption: AT -3GSDI20SR

AT -3GSDI -16 1x6 SDI/HD -SDI/3G HD -SDI Distribution Amplifier
The AT -3GSDI -16 is a high -performance distribution amplifier for SDI (SMPTE 292M) and 3G HD -SDI (SMPTE 424M) signals. The unit takes one input and distributes the signal to six identical outputs. The Atlona SDI/HD -SDI/3G HD -SDI distribution amplifier can work with high resolutions up to 1080p and full bandwidth up to 3Gbps.

Company Overview:
Atlona Technologies(R) is a global manufacturer of cutting -edge digital connectivity solutions. The company supplies an extensive range of high -quality products - - from cables, splitters, and extenders to distribution amplifiers, converters, switchers, and much more - - to a diverse client base spanning the consumer electronics, home theater, computing, retail, systems integration, professional A/V, broadcast, entertainment, medical digital imaging, and digital signage markets. Made from the finest materials and offering unique feature sets, the company's value -added products can be found in installations worldwide.

Atlona provides a wide range of solutions from all three of its comprehensive product lines: Atlona CE (consumer electronics), Atlona Si (systems integration), and Atlona Signature (professional and commercial). More information about Atlona Technologies is available at

Atlona Technologies is a registered trademark of Lenexpo Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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