Kramer Introduces the TP -123 -od/TP -124 -od Twisted Pair Transmitter/Receiver Pair with EMP Protection

Transmit Computer Graphics Video, Stereo Audio & RS-232 Signals over Long Distances with Advanced EDID Handling!

The TP -123 -od transmitter and TP -124 -od receiver are a high -performance twisted pair solution for sending computer graphics video, unbalanced stereo analog audio and unidirectional RS -232 control command signals over long distances with advanced EDID handling capability and unique "Overvoltage Defense" EMP protection built -in. The TP -123 -od and TP -124 -od offer a compact and inexpensive solution for multiple signal transmission over long distances.

The TP -123 -od and TP -124 -od are part of Kramer's new "od" (Overvoltage Defense) family of twisted pair transmitters and receivers, specifically designed to include electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection. The EMP of nearby lightning strikes can damage sensitive electronic equipment by inducing a high momentary surge in voltage. Kramer's "od" products, while manufactured for indoor use only, are designed to protect against such occurrences.

These models are HDTV compatible, and support computer graphics video resolutions up to WUXGA and HDTV resolutions up to 1080p. The built -in EDID capture and emulation capability ensures that the correct signal resolution is output to any monitor connected without the need for an external EDID capture device.

The TP -123 -od transmitter has one computer graphics video input on a 15 -pin HD connector, one unbalanced stereo audio input on a 3.5mm mini jack, one RS -232 input on a terminal block connector and one twisted pair output on an RJ -45 connector to send the signals to the receiver. The TP -124 -od receiver has one twisted pair input on an RJ -45 connector for the incoming signals from the TP -123 -od, one computer graphics video output on a 15 -pin HD connector, one stereo audio S/PDIF RCA connector output, one unbalanced stereo audio output on a 3.5mm mini jack and one RS -232 output on a terminal block connector.

The TP -123 -od and TP -124 -od has a system range of more than 300ft (more than 100m), and employs Kramer's Power Connect™ feature, where a single connection to the transmitter can power both the transmitter and receiver (for distances over 150 ft, high quality CAT 6/7 cable must be used for the Power Connect feature). The required 12V DC is transmitted through the twisted pair cable, along with the other signals to the compatible receiver. The TP -124 -od has trimmers to adjust the signal "Level" and "EQ" to ensure proper image quality.

The TP -123 -od can store and recall a default EDID setting in non -volatile memory allowing convenient and accurate connection to any source. EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is 128 bytes of data that a display provides to the graphics card of a connected computer source. The EDID describes the display's capabilities so that the source can output the best possible signal for that display. The source and the display exchange this information over the Display Data Channel 2 (DDC2) using pins 12 and 15 of a standard 15 -pin HD computer graphics video signal connector.

The advanced EDID handling capability of the TP -123 -od ensures that if a display is turned off, temporarily disconnected or is out of communication with the source, the source continues to output the best possible signal resolution. The EDID emulation makes the source think that the display is still directly connected even when the EDID information is unavailable directly from the monitor.

Systems including matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, 5 -wire coax signal distribution and twisted pair range extenders, for example, are unable to pass EDID information since pins 12 and 15 from the monitor are not available to the source in these applications. In all these instances the TP -123 -od can be used to capture the EDID information from the display and provide that EDID communication to the source, assuming that a proper 15 -pin HD VGA cable that passes all 15 -pins is used between the source and TP -123 -od. This allows the source to output the best possible signal for that display device.

The TP -123 -od and TP -124 -od are housed in the Compact Kramer TOOLS™ enclosure. They carry a list price of $465.00 per unit in the United States and are currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world. Complete product information can be found at

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