SMS Message Printers Keeping the Elderly Connected

The SMS printer for the elderly is a convenient way for younger members of the family to keep in touch. You can send your elderly patient, relative or friend a quick text message. solution to enabling the elderly to receive electronic communications.

Technology has evolved to help us keep in touch electronically during our busy lives with the aid of the internet, social networking websites and of course with the mobile phone. However for most of aging generations, technology is less of a help to communicate as the speed of technological advancements has left the elderly by the way side. The elderly could take advantage of electronic communications but instead have not been able to keep up with the communication revolution.

The elderly find new technologies difficult to learn and navigate, the new terminology sounds baffling and they may struggle to understand the concepts of messaging formats. Most old people wont go to lessons to learn how to use computers, or to teach themselves how to use mobile phone and prefer to stick to old fashioned methods of communication.

Not only is there a learning barrier but for most elderly people mobile phones tend to be getting smaller. If you have arthritic hands for example, you simply can't use a mobile phone because the buttons are too small. Additionally the screens are too small to read or to navigate. Some mobile phone manufacturers have looked into making larger chunkier mobile phones for the elderly. However their might be a simpler solution to enabling the elderly to receive electronic communications.

SMS printers are small printers that can receive electronic text messages. Messages can be sent to the printer via a mobile phone in the usual way, or a message can be sent to the printer from a computer. When the printer receives the SMS it prints the message out onto paper a bit like a till receipt. Once the message has been printed the paper can be torn off the printer for easy reading.

The SMS printer for the elderly is a convenient way for younger members of the family to keep in touch. You can send your elderly relative or friend a quick message to say that you will take some milk around at 3pm, or that you will be arriving a bit later than expected. Doctors can send SMS messages relating to repeat prescriptions or appointment bookings. Once the appointment message has been printed off it can be glued on to a calendar as a reminder.

The SMS printer can also be set up to receive a particular Twitter feed, the BBC News for example or the Age Concern twitter feed. Every time the Twitter member posts a new tweet the information can be sent as a SMS message to the printer to deliver news and information that is of interest.

Not only can the SMS printer receive messages but it can also be used as an emergency measure to call for help. A button on the printer can be set up to send a SMS message asking for assistance to a predetermined recipient. This could be the carer or a family member of the elderly person. All the elderly person has to do is to press the button, and a set SMS text is sent to the specified contact.

SMS printers for the elderly bring our aging generation some of the benefits of the latest technology. The printer enables families and friends to keep in touch, without the restrictive barriers mobile phones, computers and the internet bring. For some, the SMS printer will mean that they have a lot more contact than they are used to getting and will improve their everyday lives. The SMS printer for the elderly is also great for old people who experience hearing difficulties and are unable to use a telephone because they cannot hear the person speaking on the other end. The SMS printer can bring joy to the lives of the elderly and make them feel included. Technology shouldn't be a barrier; and the SMS printer makes text messaging accessible for all.

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