eServices finding increased acceptance of Varan monitor for remote management over service calls

The Varan Monitor was created to assist the automation industry by improving customer service through proactive system management.

Hollywood, Fla. - 1/24/11 - eServices, Inc., is excited to see growing acceptance and interest in the topic of recurring revenue. Integrators are finding that service contracts and improved service response are paving the way for a more profitable business. The amount of hours saved by using a proactive monitoring solution such as the Varan Monitor adds up tremendously. Freeing up staff to focus on developing new and current projects rather than spending hours on existing ones ultimately increases revenue. There is no better advertisement than good word of mouth.

With dozens of Varans now in the field eServices is beginning to see the hot and growing topic of recurring revenue unfold before their eyes. "Once an ESC is able to see what an asset the Varan is and the complete range of its capabilities, they realize that they will never again have to waste unnecessary hours looking for solutions that take only a few short minutes to resolve with the Varan." said Nick Palanza Director of Sales. Dealers are taking advantage of the unique business model eServices developed for this product and are generating new sources of revenue. With a one -time fee for all hardware, software, and licensing, dealers are able to create custom service contracts on a per client basis. Adding a 24/7 proactive monitoring solution to existing service contracts has allowed dealers to increase revenues on existing contracts as well.

For the last two years one of the largest Crestron dealers in South Florida, Advanced Home Theater has been using the Varan Monitor for all of their large scale projects. The number of devices in these projects ranges from 50 to over 200 in the residential market and have reached up to 500 in commercial projects. President of AHT, Robin Bogle said, "Customer service leads to customer satisfaction which is the best sales tool you can have. Not to mention knowing exactly what is broken before we send out a technician leads to immediate cost savings. The Varan Monitor gives us a huge advantage not available until now." AHT is genuine proof that the time of rolling trucks and spending valuable man hours to resolve issues has passed and remote management is the future.

The Varan Monitor is capable of monitoring any IP, Crestron Cresnet, or AMX AxLink device in a system. Running on an open Windows platform dealers can install any windows based software needed to support a particular project. Varan developer Christoper Ma said, "We encourage dealers to download tools as needed for supporting proprietary devices. Toolbox for Crestron, NetLinx Studio for AMX, etc. The Varan also has RS -232 ports for optional communication with devices such as old legacy lighting processors. Of course leaving a USB cable connected is a great way to avoid a site visit simply to load a remote. Have the homeowner hook it up and load away! It feels like we are finding new support solutions with the Varan every day."

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