Sensormetrix Provide Datalogger with Built in Printers

If you have a requirement to provide proof of temperature during delivery then these solutions are perfect. These temperature data loggers with printer are designed to be installed in the driver's cab.

Sensormetrix provides a wide range of remote monitoring equipment and now we're pleased to add the T -Print dataloggers to this range. These devices are designed to provide a print out of temperature history, plus data is also stored on the devices hard disk and displayed on an LCD display. These are a perfect solution for delivery drivers as T -Print models can be powered directly for the vehicles power outlet. (Cigarette Lighter) Plus the T -Print range conforms to EN 12830, Class 1 and EN 13486, Class 1 for the transport of food.

T -Print G0221E
Dual Temperature Datalogger with built -in printer and display.
The G0221E T -Print is a temperature datalogger for one or two temperature probes with sensor cable lengths of 1m to 20m cables. It's small and compact design allows it to be easily installed in the driver's cabin and powered from the vehicles cigarette lighter. Although it can be placed anywhere and also powered via a mains PSU. The G Series range allows recorded temperature data to be printed on delivery for proof of environment during transportation of the goods.

T -Print G0241
Dual channel temperature Datalogger with binary inputs and RS232 output for GSM
The G0241 also has two inputs for temperature probes but also has two binary inputs so you can connect a door contact and record data on every door open/close or you can detect loss of power to the fridge units. The G0241 can also come with a GSM modem to transmit recorded data back to HQ.

T -Print G0841
Dual channel temperature Datalogger with binary inputs and RS232 output for GSM - outdoor version for semi -trailer IP65 rated.
The G0241 is the hardcore version with an IP rating of "IP65" so it's suitable for outdoor use. The G0241 also has two temperature inputs and two binary inputs plus an output for a GSM modem.
There is also a G0841W option with allows connection to a wireless display unit so if this device was in the main trailer the driver can still view the current temperature information from the wireless LCD display.

Find out more about Datalogger with Built in Printers by visiting the Sensormetrix website

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