Innovative GefenTV Audio Processor with Volume Stabilizer Technology Down Mixes Dolby 5.1 Sound to 2.1 Audio with 25 Watts per Channel Amplification

This new GefenTV product is well suited for use in small home entertainment systems, or as an add-on audio processor to any computer audio output.

Las Vegas, NV Booth 20337 - This new GefenTV product is well suited for use in small home entertainment systems, or as an add -on audio processor to any computer audio output. It offers three audio inputs so users can select between multichannel digital audio or L/R analog audio. The resulting sound enhancements incorporates three key features in a one -box solution: a mix -down from multi -channel audio to L/R audio, 25 watts per channel amplification and automatic volume stabilizing.

"You can use this product with two speakers that are amplified resulting in better audio quality, and it has
the added bonus of auto volume stabilizing to keep audio levels constant," explained Hagai Gefen, president and CEO, Gefen. "It's well suited for smaller rooms such as student dorms, small offices and kitchens."

A front panel control system with mini LCD display offers easy access and control. The product uses Dolby AC3 for the mix -down function and Dolby Volume Technology to automatically output consistent audio levels regardless of program type or during commercials. A full -range audio experience is enjoyed with bass and/or treble adjusted to ensure high sound quality.

Audio is output simultaneously as two -channel amplified audio for direct RCA speaker connections and as
analog L/R with subwoofer connections to maintain audio fidelity and enhance performance.

The GefenTV Audio Processor with Auto Volume Stabilizer will move to standby mode when not in use and is Energy Star compliant. An RS -232 port and IR Remote is included for home automation control.

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