Runco Introduces High Efficiency WindowWall, Incorporates OPAL technology to its Revolutionary WindowWall Video Display

New design-friendly and totally customizable WindowWall display wall solution incorporates Runco's OPAL technology, creates a unique synthesis of design and performance.

Beaverton, OR - December 14, 2010 - Runco®, the leading brand in luxury video solutions, today announced the latest enhancements to its WindowWall™ display wall video system. New to the series is the WindowWall High -Efficiency (HE) video display that boasts lower power consumption. The company also announced that the current WindowWall High -Bright (HB) and WindowWall HE will be available with Runco's legendary OPAL™ (Optical Path ALignment) technology as an option. The new WindowWall HE will provide customers with all the must -have features of the current WindowWall system, but with the added benefits of OPAL technology, as well as lower power consumption, longer cable lengths and an even thinner mounting scheme included.

Runco's proprietary OPAL technology significantly enhances the black level, detail and clarity within dark scenes allowing the smallest details within the darkest scenes to be vibrant without sacrificing the overall picture quality. Runco OPAL also reduces surface light reflections on the screen, a common viewing distraction that plagues viewers of flat panel displays. Only available on Runco displays, OPAL provides a truly stellar viewing experience to achieve the best imagery, technology and HD performance in the WindowWall display system. When implemented in WindowWall products, OPAL provides a smooth surface over the displays giving it a more luxurious look and feel.

The Runco WindowWall extends imaginative options in a room's design and it offers a gamut of applications, from digital ambience to entertainment, to sophisticated office applications, such as video conferencing. The WindowWall can also become a virtual window changing the mood for any room by displaying snow falling on the mountains or the view of Manhattan from a skyscraper. Perfect for sports enthusiasts, the WindowWall can become an enormous screen showing a game or multiple games at once. As a digital display system, the Runco WindowWall can switch between sources and applications utilizing the built -in processing. When combined with a home automation system and architectural speakers, an enormous array of lifestyle options are enabled. With the WindowWall, Runco authorized dealers can expand their business beyond the traditional home theater setting.

"Always striving to offer the best in video solutions, it was a logical next step for use to synergize our best -in -class WindowWall display system with our revolutionary OPAL technology," said Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing for Runco. "By combining the two technologies, with greater energy efficiency, we are able to offer our customers a 100 percent customizable display wall system with a viewing experience that can't be matched."

Consumers, and businesses alike, are increasingly aware of the power usage of electronics and Runco has responded with a new high -efficiency WindowWall boasting 30 percent less energy usage than its high -bright counterpart. Perfect for indoor and lighting -controlled environments, the WindowWall HE features the same great attributes of the Runco WindowWall, while consuming far less energy.

Unlike any other display of this size and scale, the Runco WindowWall HB and HE are available with Runco's innovative TileAlign™ landscape mounting system. The revolutionary mounting system has been recently redesigned to a mere 3.5 inch mounting profile from the front of the display to the wall, and when paired with the included trim pieces or optional wood frame options, the WindowWall achieves a custom, built -in look. The thinner profile allows the WindowWall display system to meet even the stringent American with Disability Act (ADA) guidelines for safety.

The WindowWall was designed for reliability and performance. Maintenance and source management are made easy with the WindowWall because the power, video and control signals are processed in off -board electronics that can be away from the wall, leaving a WhisperQuiet™ fan -free display wall. Runco's proprietary design means each panel can be individually accessed or removed, from the front, without dismantling the wall. Included Big Picture Plus™ functionality allows for input switching and management between video or computer sources without any additional electronics.

The WindowWall HE, WindowWall HE OPAL and WindowWall HB OPAL displays will be available in early January 2011 and MSRPs vary based on size of the display wall. Runco's WindowWall displays are available exclusively through the Runco authorized dealer network. For more information about Runco or to find a local dealer in your area, please visit

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