Audio Plus Services Launches Devialet into North America

Leading Specialty Distributor Introduces One of the Industry's Hottest Audio Brands to the U.S and Canada

Champlain, NY December 13, 2010 - Audio Plus Services, a leading North American importer/distributor of premium products for the audio, video and home theater markets, announced a major addition to their prestigious family of brands. Effectively immediately, Devialet, an exciting new audio brand from France, featuring cutting -edge design and patented technology, will be offered through the exclusive Audio Plus network of authorized specialty dealers in North America.

According to Daniel Jacques, founder and president of Audio Plus Services, "When I learned of the opportunity to import Devialet into North America, it was indeed very exciting for me as an audio enthusiast. After visiting with the entire team of passionate senior management members at Devialet in France though I was even more excited about the long -term business opportunities that this exciting brand offers."

ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid) Technology
ADH® (Analog/Digital Hybrid) is a new and patented form of amplification specially developed by Devialet. It is this proprietary technology that enables products like the company's flagship D -Premier to be so slim, yet deliver so much power. It is also the reason why no other amplifier can match the Devialet's exceptional quality of sound.

ADH® combines pure Class A operation - long recognized to be the most desirable form of solid -state amplification, in terms of pure sound quality - with Class D, operating in parallel one with the other.

Best of both worlds
Although pure Class A amplifiers sound great, they are usually comparatively large, consume lots of power, run very hot and aren't particularly powerful (in terms of current delivery). Class D amplification, meanwhile, can deliver prodigious amounts of current from a relatively compact, cool -running chassis. Yet while resolution can be excellent, Class D is often criticized for sounding 'cold' and weak in terms of bass depth and quality.

By combining Class A and Class D in a manner never before achieved, Devialet has created electronics that deliver tremendous loudspeaker control and dynamic authority, yet the character of the sound you hear is pure Class A refinement.

Devialet, dedicated to sonic perfection with style, is the perfect complement to the premium brands offered by Audio Plus Services.

About Devialet
Based in Paris, France, Devialet was conceived in 2004 by Pierre -Emmanuel CALMEL and Mathias MORONVALLE who developed and patented AHD (Analog Digital Hybrid), a new kind of hybrid amplification technology. In 2006, Calmel and Moronvalle met other entrepreneurs - also musicians and audiophiles - from the fields of Industrial Design, marketing and management consulting: Emmanuel NARDIN, Quentin SANNI and Manuel DE LA FUENTE.
In 2007, together they decided to form a radical new company - Devialet. Their goal then, as it remains today, was for Devialet to create a new generation of high performance audio devices delivering technological innovations, unsurpassed industrial design and remarkable purchase value.
Less than four years later, Devialet has quickly become one of the most exciting new audio brands in the world, with Audio Plus Services now embarking on its introduction to North America. For more information on Devialet, please visit

About Audio Plus Services
Established in 1979, Audio Plus Services is a leading North American importer and distributor of premium consumer electronics brands. Based in Montreal with U.S facilities in Champlain, NY, Audio Plus has sales personnel located throughout the United States to professionally service their active roster of more than 300 specialty A/V dealers.
Audio Plus specializes in products and services for the audio, home theater and custom integration (CI) markets - both residential and commercial - for North America. Their prestigious lineup of consumer brands includes: Cambridge Audio, Crystal Cable, Devialet, DreamVision, Focal Home, Focal Professional, Incognito, Kanto, Micromega, Mordaunt -Short, Pathos, Perfect Vu, Siltech Solid Tech, YBA, and YBA Design.

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