Smartec presented 4 -ch DVR with MPEG -4 format and Full D1 resolution

The new STR-0484 4-ch video recorder is designed to create small video systems, combining up to 4 analog cameras.

Smartec product line has been supplemented with the new STR -0484 4 -ch DVR that converts video from analog cameras to digital MPEG -4 format and records it on the internal HDD with a resolution, ranging from CIF to Full D1 at up to 100 fps. This 4 -ch DVR features motion detector, DVD -RW, 250 GB HDD and also has a slot for an additional HDD, 4 alarm inputs/outputs, 4 audio inputs and RS -485 interface for PTZ -camera operation control. The novelty is supplied with RMS software that can be used to configure DVR settings, view and store video information and manage the overall security system.

New 4 -ch DVR converts video from analog cameras to digital MPEG -4 format and records it on the built -in 250GB HDD SATA. Local video from security cameras can be viewed on CRT or LCD -monitor, connected to STR -0484 through the BNC -connector, or on a computer monitor through the VGA -input. Thus alarm video can be transmitted from DVR on an additional Spot -monitor. In addition, video surveillance can be carried out over the network using RMS software.

The images quality can be configured individually for each channel. In addition, this 4 -ch DVR is capable of simultaneous recording, playback and transmission of video information over the network with 2CIF (720x288 pix.) resolution at 25 fps per channel. For recording of the alarm events new DVR allows installer to set Full D1 (720x576 pix.) resolution, while for monitoring from a remote PC it can be changed to CIF (352x288 pix.).

STR -0484 enables user to store video on the built -in 250 GB HDD SATA that can be used with another additional HDD. If necessary, 4 -ch DVR allows user to increase the amount of disk space up to 2 TB by installing 2 additional HDD SATA with a total capacity of 1 TB. HDD operation control and current working status are provided by S.M.A.R.T. technology. In case of overheating, damage, HDD malfunction or other failure, DVR immediately notifies user about operation problems to provide safety of video information.

STR -0484 provides manual, automatic, schedule and alarm image recording modes. User can save important video information on CD/DVD (built -in DVD -RW) or external memory device via USB -port. To operate with the video archive 4 -ch DVR features search by event, date and time.

4 -ch DVR carries out remote control of CCTV cameras and their PTZ -functions, using Smartec STT -CN3R1 system keyboard, IR Controller as well as control from a remote computer over the network using RMS software. For PTZ -camera connection new DVR utilizes RS -485 interface. In this case, 4 -ch DVR can handle up to 4 PTZ -cameras supporting many telemetry protocols, including Pelco D and Pelco P.

Built -in motion detector provides the ability to fix alarm video from the monitoring objects. Detector analyzes video from the security cameras and records all changes in the frame. In addition, 4 -ch DVR is equipped with 4 alarm inputs for external alarm sensors, and 4 relay outputs for controlling external security devices. 4 -ch DVR records audio streams using 4 audio inputs, while for speakers connection user can utilize audio output.

Upon receiving alarm signal, STR -0484 can turn on alarm recording of the event that has higher priority. Moreover, DVR allows user to adjust picture quality and recording speed for each channel. New DVR «considers» as an alarm event such events as loss of video signal, motion detection, camera obscuration and alarm signals from external security sensors. For emergency alert 4 -ch DVR can send an alarm notification to 5 predetermined e -mail addresses.

Using STR -0484 and RMS software user can deploy local or territorially -distributed medium security system by combining a network of multiple devices with a single point of video monitoring. Configuring of 4 -ch DVR and control its operation can be carried out via STT -CN3R1 remote control or using RMS software. Therefore, STR -0484 can be used in surveillance systems of small shops, cafes and offices, providing high -quality operation.

For more information, please, visit Smartec website or 4 -ch DVR description

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