Now you see it, now you don't!

No more ugly A/V devices on view

Without having spent too much time thinking about it, you have probably already realised that your audio and video equipment can only be operated from a couple of metres away. And the door of your A/V equipment cabinet must not be closed. But did you realise that there are other possibilities? Even across large distances and through cabinet doors or walls and ceilings.

The time when we used to have to stand up to change TV channels or put on the surround -sound system is luckily long gone. Infrared (the signal that is emitted by your remote control) is the solution for operating your TV and A/V devices from the comfort of your armchair. And it works pretty effectively!

There are, however, two limitations:
1. the signal only has a range of 8 metres and
2. it needs to be able to 'see' the device if it is to work.

Wouldn't it be great if you could operate your A/V equipment without having to see it and point the remote control towards it? In September 2010, Marmitek, who has been successfully developing infrared extenders for over 15 years, introduced two new products which are set to turn the world of operational ease on its head.

Operate A/V devices that are situated in a closed cabinet
Locating A/V devices under a cabinet, in an open cabinet, in a cabinet with glass doors or always having to have the doors opened. These are just a few examples of how people try to get around the limitations of the infrared signal.
So why not opt for the Invisible Control4!
This is an elegant, small box that you locate under or to the side of your A/V furniture, in sight of your own remote control. You then stick the IR LEDs onto the IR window of your (max 4) A/V devices then direct your remote control towards the Invisible Control4 in order to operate your A/V devices.

Operate A/V devices that are situated in another room
Is your satellite receiver in the electric meter cupboard? Or even on the other side of the house? Well, wouldn't it be great if you could operate it while you are watching TV?
Then opt for the GigaControl450!
The GigaControl450 comprises an IR receiver and an IR transmitter. Place the IR receiver in the room in which you wish to use the remote control. Place the IR transmitter in sight of the equipment that you wish to operate. Point the remote control at the IR receiver in order to operate equipment through walls (wirelessly) via the IR transmitter.

From now on, with Marmitek infrared extenders, you can really use your remote control to operate your devices at a distance. Plug and Play and a world of operational simplicity is about to open up for you.

Price and availability
Both products have a recommended retail price of 49.95/GBP39.95 VAT included.
See for more information and sales addresses.

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