New Crestron TPMC V -Panel High -Definition Touch Screens Now Shipping

TPMC-V12 and TPMC-V15 Combine Widescreen Touchpanel Display and Extreme Graphics in a Sleek Thin Design; Supports New Core 3 OS, Onboard PC Apps, Streaming Media and 3D GUI Design

Crestron announced today that its new TPMC V -Panels are available for immediate shipment. TPMC V -Panels are the thinnest, fully -integrated touchpanel available today, combining the touch screen and powerful digital graphics engine in a slim design. A widescreen display provides an open canvas for creating magical 3D effects for intuitive control of home theaters, lighting, thermostats, AV networks, security cameras, pool/spa and any other connected automation system. Rich color graphics, 3D GUI animations and gestures navigation create a one -of -a -kind interactive experience.

While simultaneously controlling entertainment and environmental systems in the home, boardroom, commercial building or campus, the 12 -inch and 15 -inch models feature a slew of built -in apps for enjoying music and movies online, viewing metadata and cover art, browsing the Web, and accessing most digital media types - all without requiring a separate computer.

"TPMC V -Panels blend cutting -edge control and graphics technology with style, and deliver a powerful combination of control and multimedia functionality, all in HD," said Crestron Director of Marketing, Vincent Bruno. "These new touch screens bring an amazing interactive control experience right into our customers' living room or business environment."

TPMC V -Panels support the new standards -based Crestron Core 3 OS, the foundation for its new GUI framework. Core 3 OS open architecture enables support for multiple formats and media players including Flash®, HTML5, the latest H.264 high -definition video and Internet Explorer®. Because of Core 3 OS open architecture, homeowners and building operators are never locked into a single proprietary standard.

TPMC V -Panels also include cool new features such as streaming HD video, Web browsing, embedded PC applications and media players, 2 -way VoIP intercom and onscreen annotation.

With a swipe of the finger, enhanced gestures navigation enables ultra -intuitive scrolling to the wide variety of onboard entertainment and control apps, delivering everything needed for total automation control and multimedia access inside one simple enclosure. The result is a fresh new interactive user interface for multimedia presentations in conference rooms, whole -house automation and home theaters, command centers, classrooms, and many other building and AV control applications.

Featuring an edge -to -edge glass design for a maximum viewing field and only two inches deep for a stunning appearance, TPMC V -Panels are the only touch screens to provide flexible VESA mounting options. With six 12 -inch models and six 15 -inch models to choose from, there's a TPMC V -Panel to fit every application and room setting. TPMC V -Panels are available in black and white, in a tabletop tilt, in -wall mount, or VESA mount options.

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