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New Crestron 4" Widescreen Touch Panel Delivers Designer Looks and Flexible Installation

Crestron TPMC-4SMD Provides an Affordable, Single-Wire Solution that Mounts to a Standard Gang Box and Features an Elegant, Contoured Appearance

Crestron today announced the release of the TPMC -4SMD designer touch panel. PoE (Power over Ethernet) delivers control, video, intercom, and power over a single high -speed Ethernet connection, no electrical outlets or control wire needed. Behind the high -tech good looks and compact design of the 4SMD lies immense power and flexibility, to simplify everyday tasks and functions throughout an office building or residence. The 4SMD is very affordable, versatile and easy to install, with an incredibly thin profile and small footprint.

"The TPMC -4SMD is designed to support the Core 3 OS, the foundation of our new GUI framework that simultaneously runs multiple formats and media players, including Flash®, HTML5 and H.264 video," explained Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing. "Richer graphics and amazing interactive animations really enhance the user experience." Additional features include streaming video, 2 -way IP intercom, white LED backlit buttons and a built -in proximity sensor that will wake the 4SMD automatically, without having to touch the screen. Room occupancy sensors can be directly connected to the touch panel, enabling automation of the room's lighting, climate control, and other devices.

Dynamic graphics and text capabilities provide the display of all kinds of useful data with vivid AV controls and icons. Check room temperature and lighting levels; view photos, video, and digital media playlists complete with metadata and cover art. Advanced gestures navigation, animated objects, and page transition effects enhance interactivity with a look that is both eye -catching and easy to use.

With an assortment of mounting options, the 4SMD installs on virtually any surface quickly and easily. Installation options include a standard electrical box or surface mount on glass, granite, or marble. Mounting the 4SMD on smooth surfaces or concrete/brick walls is simple, safe and reliable. For even more flexibility, a table top enclosure is available, for a striking, space -saving solution on a desktop or bedside table. The TPMC -4SMD is available in gloss black or white.

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