-- Four New Models Feature Easy iPod Control, Plus "Human Factor" Engineering for Ultimate Comfort and Fit, Models for All Tastes and Budgets --

Atlanta, GA, September 23, 2010 - Denon Electronics, one of the world's premier manufacturers of high -quality home entertainment components, offers a wide range of high -performance headphones geared to meet the needs of every discerning music listener and budget. In addition to a host of leading -edge audio technologies for an optimum music listening experience, Denon's headphones place a strong emphasis on simple, "one -touch" iPhone/iPod compatibility and convenience, providing users a new level of voice and music control. To this end, four of the company's new models, including the over -ear Models AH -D510R (SRP: $99.99) and AH -D310R (SRP: $69.99) and the in -ear Models AH -C560R (SRP: $99.99) and AH -C260R (SRP: $49.99), feature a specially designed three -button remote control/microphone that provides easy access to both voice and music control, and is compatible with Apple Voice Control, for Apple iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 2G and the latest generation Shuffle. They also control the new iPad. All four of these new Denon headphones are now available to retailers.

Noted Phil Cohn, the company's Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing: "The headphone category represents a great opportunity for a quality brand like Denon and remains a key focus for our business moving forward. Our comprehensive line of high -performance models provides consumers with the ideal choice for every taste, musical listening preference and budget. Now that music has truly 'gone mobile,' there is increasing demand among discriminating consumers for a dramatically enhanced audio experience, as well as total comfort and the convenience of easy iPod/iPhone control and command. Denon is committed to meeting this consumer demand, and setting new headphone standards for performance, comfort and value."

Critically Acclaimed Comfort and Style, "Human Factor" Engineering
All Denon headphones are engineered for total comfort and style, with advanced audio technologies for optimum sound. Notably, in order to ensure maximum comfort for all wearers, the company's new over -ear headphones all benefit from a unique R&D initiative based on precise scientific modeling and anatomical measurements of the human head. The result is a new type of headphone band that is engineered with a "human factor," leaving virtually no gap between the band and the wearer's head. In addition, all new Denon over -ear headphones feature newly developed 3D draping soft skin and foam cushion ear -pads for superb comfort and hours of enjoyment without "listening fatigue." The solid aluminum housing construction of the AH -NC800, AH -D1100 and AH -D510R models adds yet another level of rock solid construction for added durability and style.

New In -Ear Models Feature Ergonomic Design, Sound Isolation Technologies
Denon's new in -ear headphone models all feature an ergonomic design that isolates the ear more steadily and comfortably, and also decreases mechanical vibration. A newly developed Hybrid (metal or plastic combined with Elastomer) housing ensures clean sound, and a Radial Cascade Damper (in models AH -C260R and AH -C560R) reduces noise from touched cables. For total flexibility, all models come with multiple sizes of comfortable ear tips, extension cables and ear clips to ensure perfect fit for every listener. The AH -C560R headphones include not only three sizes of silicon ear tips, but also a special "soft -foam" earpiece for added comfort and luxury, while the AH -C260R comes with 4 sizes of silicon ear tips, one being an extra small to fit younger users. They also come with a new specially designed carrying case that features cable management, as well as OFC (oxygen free copper) cables for enhanced sonic performance.

Denon's Full Line of Advanced Headphones
Denon's comprehensive headphone line include the AH -NC800 (SRP: $349.99) over -ear noise -canceling headphones; AH -NC600 (SRP: $199.99) in -ear noise cancelling headphones; five "earbud" in -ear models, the AH -C710 (SRP: $149.99), AH -C560R (SRP: $99.99), AH -C452 (SRP: $69.99), AH -C260R (SRP: $49.99) and AH -C360 (SRP: $49.99) and the compact on -ear model AH -P372K (SRP: $59.99); six state -of -the -art over -ear models, the AH -D7000 (SRP: $999.00), the AH -D5000 (SRP: $699.99), AH -D2000 (SRP: $349.99), AH -D1100 (SRP: $199.99), AH -D510R (SRP: $99.99) and AH -D310R (SRP: $69.99), as well as the company's new 100th Anniversary Product Collection Model AH -A100 (SRP: $499, November availability).

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About Denon Electronics
Denon celebrates its 100th Year Anniversary in 2010, carrying on its tradition of excellence with a renewed commitment to the highest quality home theater, audio and software products. Denon is recognized internationally for innovative and groundbreaking products and has a long history of technical innovations, including the development and groundbreaking commercialization of PCM digital audio. Denon Electronics is owned by D&M Holdings Inc.

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D&M Holdings Inc. is a global operating company providing worldwide management and distribution platforms for premium consumer, automotive, commercial and professional audio and video businesses including Denon®, Marantz®, McIntosh® Laboratory, Boston Acoustics®, Snell Acoustics, Escientâ, Calrec Audio, Denon DJ, Allen & Heath, D&M Professional and D&M Premium Sound Solutions. Our technologies improve the quality of any audio and visual experience. All product and brand names with a trademark symbol are trademarks or registered trademarks of D&M Holdings, Inc. or its subsidiaries. For more information visit

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