-- Five Outstanding Technology Companies Whose Innovations and Commitment Have Contributed Greatly to Denon's Success and Innovative Contributions Over the Years --

Mahwah, NJ, September 20, 2010 - Denon Electronics, a premier manufacturer of high -quality home entertainment components celebrating 100 years of innovation and technology leadership, is proud to announce its five Denon Centennial Partners, including Audyssey, Control4, Dolby Laboratories, DTS and HD Radio. Each of these five companies is being recognized by Denon for the pivotal role their technologies have played in the creation of Denon products throughout the years and continue to play in the company's future. Specific information about Denon's five Centennial Partners may be found at http://usa.denon.com/100partner.

Five Outstanding Companies Who Have Helped Create the "Denon Experience"
Denon's five Centennial Partners are all joining Denon at CEDIA 2010 to help the company celebrate its 100th anniversary and longstanding "Legacy of Firsts." Each of these companies has made key contributions to the creation of Denon products and to the uniquely powerful "Denon Experience." Here are brief descriptions of each company and the Denon products in which their technologies are incorporated:

· Audyssey: Audyssey designs and develops innovative audio technologies that accurately reproduce studio recordings, movies and live performances. The company's technologies solve problems caused by room acoustics, small speakers and inconsistent volume levels. The result is clear and accurate sound that offers a better audio experience. Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Audyssey MultEQ are technologies incorporated in all Denon receiver models.
· Control4: Control4, a leading provider of the operating system for the smart home, delivers intelligent control of consumer electronics products, appliances and networking systems through an easy -to -use and intuitive software interface. Founded in 2003, the company delivers affordable automation and control of lighting, music, video, HVAC, security, and energy management systems. Denon Control4 Certified products include all A/V receiver CI Series Models, as well as the DVD -A1UDCI and DBP -4010CI Universal Blu -ray Disc players and the AVP -A1HDCI A/V surround sound and video processor.
· HD Radio: HD Radio Technology is an upgraded, digital version of AM/FM radio and is dramatically changing the way people use their radios. Some of the benefits are: Crystal clear digital sound; more content options on the FM dial with new HD2/HD3 channels; advanced services that make 'radio' interactive like artist and song information on your screen, weather and traffic updates, and more. HD Radio is incorporated in all Denon "CI Series" receivers, as well as in the Model AVR -1911.
· Dolby Laboratories: Dolby Laboratories is the global leader in technologies that are essential elements in the best entertainment experiences. Over the years, Denon has featured these technologies in many of their most innovative products. Now, while celebrating a century of audio excellence, Denon introduces its first AVRs equipped with Dolby Volume, Model AVR -A100 and AVR -4311CI, for reference -quality audio at any volume. Dolby TrueHD, a 100% lossless audio solution delivering studio master audio quality for Blu ray disc, is also incorporated in all Denon A/V receivers.
· DTS: DTS, Inc. is dedicated to making digital entertainment exciting, engaging and effortless by providing state -of -the -art audio technology to hundreds of millions of DTS -licensed consumer electronics products worldwide. DTS technology is in home theaters, car audio systems, PCs, game consoles, DVD players, televisions, digital media players, set -top boxes, smart phones, surround music software and every device capable of playing Blu -ray discs. All Denon A/V receivers incorporate DTS -HD Master Audio.

Phil Cohn, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Denon Electronics, "As a technology leader in our space, Denon is proud to recognize the role that our Centennial Partners have played in the evolution and innovation of our products. The collaboration we have enjoyed with technology leaders like our five Centennial Partners enables us to continue our mission of engineering quality products with best in class performance. For the past 100 years, Denon has been the catalyst and architect of pivotal technological revolutions, establishing new styles and increasingly higher levels of quality in professional audio/video systems and consumer home entertainment products. We have a commitment to absolute faithfulness and to delivering the reproduction of the artist's vision with purity and detail. We are indebted to our five Centennial Partners, as well as countless other innovators over the years, who have helped us make our vision a reality."

For further information on Denon's 100th anniversary and other Denon news, please visit:
http://www.denon100.com, http://usblog.denon.com and http://usa.denon.com. Like Denon on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/denonusa or follow Denon on Twitter at http://twitter.com/denonus.

About Denon Electronics
Denon celebrates its 100th Year Anniversary in 2010, carrying on its tradition of excellence with a renewed commitment to the highest quality home theater, audio and software products. Denon is recognized internationally for innovative and groundbreaking products and has a long history of technical innovations, including the development and groundbreaking commercialization of PCM digital audio. Denon Electronics is owned by D&M Holdings Inc.

About D&M Holdings Inc.
D&M Holdings Inc. is a global operating company providing worldwide management and distribution platforms for premium consumer, automotive, commercial and professional audio and video businesses including Denon®, Marantz®, McIntosh® Laboratory, Boston Acoustics®, Snell Acoustics, Escientâ, Calrec Audio, Denon DJ, Allen & Heath, D&M Professional and D&M Premium Sound Solutions. Our technologies improve the quality of any audio and visual experience. All product and brand names with a trademark symbol are trademarks or registered trademarks of D&M Holdings, Inc. or its subsidiaries. For more information visit www.dm -holdings.com.

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