D -Tools System Integrator™ Software Selected by Majority of 2010 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Award Winners

D-Tools congratulates over 85% of the CEDIA Lifestyle Awards presented to registered users of D-Tools design, estimation, engineering, and management software

CONCORD, CA -SEPTEMBER 30, 2010 - D -Tools, Inc., the worldwide leader in system integration software, is pleased to congratulate the 2010 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle Awards winners. Over 85% of the Awards were presented to companies who are registered users of D -Tools' System Integrator software. These prestigious awards recognize industry leaders in custom services and installations.

The Designer Awards competition, which honors the best projects completed by CEDIA electronic systems contractors (ESC) members in the past year, featured winners in such categories as Best Integrated Home, Best Media Room, Best Hidden Installation, and Best Large Home Theater. The Designer Awards winners were determined by a panel of expert judges that included ESCs, architects, and interior designers. Also recognized were the three winners in the first -ever CEDIA/HGTVPro.com Audience Choice Awards, which were voted on by visitors to HGTVPro.com.

"We would like to congratulate all the innovative companies who won CEDIA Electronic Lifestyle awards this year," says Adam Stone, President and CEO of D -Tools, "and we are proud to name many of these companies as customers. We are dedicated to providing our users with a software solution that helps them achieve the highest level of success. Many companies have won several awards multiple years in a row and we are honored that our software was selected to help facilitate their exquisite projects and installations."

Winning D -Tools customers included:
• Admit One, Inc. - Large Home Theater Level II: $140,000 - $180,000 - Gold
• All Around Technology - Large Home Theater Level V: $400,000 - $530,000 - Silver
• Ambiance Systems - Integrated Home Level III: $280,000 - $375,000 - Gold, Integrated Home Level V: $505,000 - $770,000 - Bronze, Technical Design Hidden Installation - Silver
• Architectural Electronics, Inc. - Large Home Theater Level I: $50,000 - $107,000 - Gold, Integrated Home Level II: $145,000 - $241,000 - Gold
• Audio Images (Henry's Audio Visual Solutions) - 2010 Best Media Room Overall Winner, Large Home Theater Level IV: $250,00 - $302,000 - Gold, Integrated Home Level V: $505,000 - $770,000 - Silver, Technical Design - Gold
• Audio Video Design, Inc. - Large Home Theater Level III: $200,000 - $240,000 - Silver
• Audio Video Interiors - Large Home Theater Level III: $200,000 - $240,000 - Bronze
• Aurant - Integrated Home Level II: $145,000 - $241,000 - Silver, Integrated Home Level V: $505,000 - $770,000 - Gold
• DSI Entertainment Systems, Inc. - - Integrated Home Level I: $77,000 - $140,000 - Gold, Integrated Home Level VI: $1,000,000+ - Silver, Technical Design - Silver, Technical Design Hidden Installation - Bronze
• Electronics Design Group, Inc. - - Large Home Theater Level II: $140,000 - $180,000 - Silver, Large Home Theater Level V: $400,000 - $530,000 - Bronze
• Engineered Environments - - 2010 Best Hidden Installation Overall Winner, Large Home Theater Level VI: $1,000,000+ - Silver, Integrated Home Level VI: $1,000,000+ - Gold and Bronze, Technical Design Hidden Installation - Gold, Technical Design Special Project - Gold and Silver, Best Documentation
• Epic Home Cinema, Inc. - - Large Home Theater Level V: $400,000 - $530,000 - Gold
• Frankentek, Inc. - - Best Showroom
• Future Home - - 2010 Best Large Home Theater Overall Winner, Large Home Theater Level VI: $1,000,000+ - Gold, Best Dressed System
• H2 Systems Inc. - - Large Home Theater Level II: $140,000 - $180,000 - Bronze, Large Home Theater Level IV: $250,00 - $302,000 - Bronze
• Integrated Home Systems - - Large Home Theater Level IV: $250,00 - $302,000 - Silver
• Integration Controls LLC - - Large Home Theater Level I: $50,000 - $107,000 - Silver
• NTX SA de CV - - Integrated Home Level III: $280,000 - $375,000 - Bronze, Technical Design - Bronze
• Starr Systems Design - - Integrated Home Level III: $280,000 - $375,000 -Silver, Integrated Home Level IV: $410,000 - $503,000 - Bronze
About D -Tools, Inc.
D -Tools, founded in 1998 and based in Concord, California, is a worldwide leader in accessible, highly accurate system design and documentation software. The company's flagship product, System Integrator™ (SI), is a total design solution that utilizes Autodesk® AutoCAD and Microsoft® Visio for comprehensive system design, documentation and project management. D -Tools SI allows commercial integrators to streamline their business processes to increase overall revenues while reducing the time and costs associated with the installation and integration of low -voltage systems. Over 2,000 leading companies use D -Tools software to reduce time and costs and streamline the system integration process. D -Tools is the recipient of the Consumer Electronics Association's Mark of Excellence Award (2004, 2005, 2006), National Systems Contractors Association and Sound and Video Contractor's Innovations in Technology for Business Productivity Award (2004, 2005) and CE Pro's High Impact Award for Design Software.

For more information, contact D -Tools at (866) 386 -6571, e -mail at info@d -tools.com or visit D -Tools online at www.d -tools.com.


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Marketing and PR Manager
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1 -866 -386 -6571
jillr@d -tools.com
www.d -tools.com

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