Sensormetrix Demonstrates Their Range of Remote Monitoring Devices at the Social Housing Exhibition 2010

Sensormetrix will be exhibiting and demonstrating their remote monitoring devices at the National Federation Annual Conference Social Housing Exhibition in Birmingham between 22nd and 24th September.

Sensormetrix provides a range of remote monitoring devices that can alert you to any environmental issues like excess temperature, humidity, carbon monoxide, water leakage or flood by sending an email or SMS alert. Remote monitoring is a perfect solution to ensure your properties are in good condition and alert you before an issue caused by heat, humidity or water damage causes a costly problem.

Below are a few products from the large range Sensormetrix offers, these are all simple to configure and install and are very discrete and can be placed nearly anywhere. Our solutions offer peace of mind to both tenant and housing association at excellent value for money.

The HWg -WLD is able to detect water or other conductive liquid and then raise an alarm before the leak/flood becomes a costly problem. The device features a built -in Web server with SNMP support and e -mail alerts, plus can control remote relay outputs over IP (i.e. switch heating systems or air conditioning ON/OFF if water leak is detected).

The HWg -Tg11 is a GSM thermometer with temperature logger by storing temperature values in its internal Flash memory (every 15 minutes) and e -mails stored data (every 4 hours) over GPRS. Can also send an alert via SMS, email or ring a phone if the temperature goes outside the set "safe" parameters.

The Sequoia SD100 is a very simple battery powered graphical datalogger can be placed anywhere to record the temperature at minute, hour or daily intervals (total 100 recordings). The user can remove the device and simply see the readings displayed on its built -in LCD screen. Also the device has an audible alert should the temperature rise above a certain level for more than 2 hours, notifying anyone nearby.

The EM01b monitors temperature, humidity and light with optional flood detection. The EM01b also connects with NAGIOS or a Windows Application to provide a powerful monitoring tool for data -logging and email alerts. You can also get an optional LCD display to see the data real -time when you don't have access to the network. Plus a hub can connect up to 6 sensors to this device.

The Comet T3510 is a simple to use device with built in temperature and humidity sensors and a large LCD to display the current reading. Alert can be sent via email if connected to the internet. Also we have a range of data -loggings to record temperature and humidity reading over a period of time in a similar form factor.

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