New low profile designs offer near flush profiles and post-installation screen leveling and vertical adjustment.

OmniMount, the global leader in consumer and commercial A/V mounting and furniture solutions, is proud to announce the launch of four low profile additions to the popular New Classics Series of fixed, tilt and full motion mounts. The NCLP60F (medium fixed mount), NCLP120F (large fixed mount), NCLP60T (medium tilt mount) and NCLP120T (large tilt mount) provide one of the thinnest profile designs on the market, ideal for today's thinner televisions. Though these products mount flat panels extremely close to the wall (0.55" for the fixed and 0.98" for the tilt versions, to be exact), what's equally as impressive is their exclusive feature set.

Aside from the ultra thin profile, the most notable new feature on these four new products is the proprietary Level n' Lock™ technology which takes OmniMount's Lift n' Lock™ to the next level - literally. For years now, OmniMount has touted their Lift n' Lock feature which allows a panel to be attached to the mount with incredible ease. Now, with Level n' Lock, it's possible to level the screen post -installation with just a turn of a screw and then lock into place. "When developing new products, we're just as concerned about improving on current functionality as we are developing new features", states Mike Townsend, general manager, Visual Display/New Product Development for OmniMount. "Built -in screen leveling is not a new feature, but the NCLPs do it with exceptional precision and ease." For even further post -installation adjustment, these products offer 0.38" of vertical height adjustment for exact panel placement.

The NCLP60F and NCLP120F offer four independent points of attachment that allow the mounts to be attached to any hole pattern up to 400mm or 600mm wide, respectively, and the rails can attach in one of three locations giving flexibility in vertical positioning. In addition, a built -in kickstand supports the mounted panel off the wall for hassle -free wiring. The NCLP60T and NCLP120T are both designed with compound tilt rails, which is how they achieve such an impressively low profile while still providing 10 degrees of tilt.

Other popular features of all four mounts include sliding lateral on -wall adjustment and an open -architecture design that provides easy access to in -wall wiring. The company is also proud to say that these New Classics Series' low profile mounts are designed with the environment in mind; they offer a space -saving footprint that uses less material and ship in eco -friendly packaging.

As with all OmniMount flat panel mounts, these products are set at aggressive price points, for such high quality products. Designed and engineered in the USA, the NCLP60F is offered for an MSRP of $79.95 and the NCLP120F is offered for an MSRP of $99.95 - and both are now shipping. The NCLP60T and NCLP120T will ship in Q1 2011, with MSRPs set at $129.95 and $149.95 respectively.

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OmniMount is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of A/V mounting and furniture solutions for residential home entertainment and commercial applications. A perennial innovator, OmniMount has set industry standards for over three decades with groundbreaking in -house design and engineering, premium quality and unsurpassed reliability. Whether it's a small speaker, a large flat panel display, or anything in between, OmniMount has the right mounting solution for every job. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, OmniMount currently is represented in more than 67 countries.

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