Salt Lake City - Sept. 14, 2010 - Mozaex™, the premiere manufacturer of multi -room, multi -media Blu -ray entertainment servers, has announced it has begun shipping a new line of 3D Blu -ray Players and Solo all -in -one Entertainment Server systems. The Mozaex 3D product line sets a new standard of entertainment quality by allowing users to play the latest Active 3D Blu -ray movies anywhere in the home. It is the first 3D Blu -ray Non -MCE Server that is not based on the off -the -shelf Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) operating system.

Mozaex is demonstrating the new 3D Blu -ray models along with its entire product line at the 2010 CEDIA Expo that is being held September 23 -26 at the Georgia World Congress Center (Atlanta, GA), booth #3844.

"The Mozaex 3D system plays media including 3D Blu -ray and DVD movies, CD and MP3 music, photos and on -demand NetFlix™ movies, and Pandora™ music among other online media," said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm. "Any media can be played in multiple rooms simultaneously, resulting in unprecedented ease, elegance, and excitement."

Kihm added that with annual Blu -ray sales growing at more than 100 percent and blockbuster 3D movies such as Avatar 3D breaking all -time sales records, the demand for playing the absolute highest quality movies, both today and tomorrow, continues to skyrocket.

"Home theater consumers are tired of paying for today's 'ultimate media server' only to find that it has been become obsolete or available as a consumer MCE PC a few months later," Kihm continued. "The Mozaex 3D system is the first media server that is both unmatched in quality and is future -safe."

Support for 3D Blu -ray is being offered on the entire Mozaex entire product line of Player/Server systems and all -in -one Solo systems for an additional USA retail price of $500 per player or Solo.

With retail USA pricing starting at only $4,795 USD for a complete Solo 1 3D 1TB all -in -one system, the new Mozaex Solo 3D breaks both industry price and performance benchmarks.

With three series of models to choose from, the dealer can specify the model that meets the specific needs of their customer. The dealer can choose from the ultra compact and quiet 1 Series; the stylish 2 Series; or the rugged rack -mount 3 Series.

The Mozaex 3D system plays 3D Blu -ray movies in their original, non -degraded audio and video quality. While all models support 7.1 LPCM HD audio, the 3 Series additionally includes support for both LPCM and Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master bit -streams.

To play a 3D movie from the Mozaex 3D system, the customer needs to own a pair of Mozaex 3D compatible Active 3D glasses, such as NVIDIAs 3D Vision Stereoscopic Glasses, a compatible 3D TV, and, if surround sound is preferred, a 3D Ready receiver. Mozaex is posting on its website a current list of compatible 3D glasses, 3D TVs, and 3D receivers.

Media playback zone and storage expansion is easy. To expand the number of playback zones, simply add up to ten Mozaex Players to a Solo system or up to 30 Players to a Player/Server system. The Mozaex Player 1 3D without on -board storage has a USA retail price of $3,495 USD. Media storage is virtually unlimited. Add one or more RAID Servers with up to 16TBs of RAID 6 protected storage or network up to three Solos and share their maximum 12TBs of combined storage.

The Mozaex system may be controlled by a number of control methods, including the included IR remote controller plus a wide selection of third party control systems from companies such as Crestron, AMX, Savant, Vantage, Control4, Philips, URC, RTI, HomeLogic, and NetStreams, among many others. A Mozaex Server is required for most 2 -way touch panel control systems.

To minimize on -site service, Mozaex includes a service called SurePlay™ that allows the dealer or Mozaex to easily login to the system to perform periodic checkups and to update software. In addition, an EasyUp™ utility allows users to easily perform updates to the Mozaex software.

Mozaex offers no -charge webinar training to its dealers and free standard software updates.

Mozaex products are covered by a limited 2 -year warranty that has an optional extended 5 -year total warranty plus free product lifetime telephone support.


Mozaex USA - 3785 South 700 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 800.866.9797, 01.801.685.9000

About Mozaex

Mozaex was formed by the founder and developer of the Axonix® MediaMax™ with the goal of delivering the world's finest and most reliable Blu -ray™ Entertainment Server. Mozaex is a multi -room media server that can load, store and instantly deliver, 3D Blu -ray, DVD movies, music, photos and Internet content. Combining elegant operation with uncompromised reliability and quality, Mozaex is quickly becoming the solution of choice for homes and yachts around the world. Mozaex is sold exclusively through a network of over 600 dealers that are serviced by 10 USA/Canadian rep firms and 14 international distributors in 16 countries.

Disclaimer - The Mozaex System is ONLY shipped with licensed movie decryption software for playing back physical DVD and Blu -ray movie discs and thus may not be able to load or play some or all DVD and Blu -ray movies. Mozaex does not produce, ship, offer or induce the use of any unlicensed decrypting software and fully respects the rights of all copyright holders.

©Mozaex - 2010 All Rights Reserved - All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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