GreenPeak launches "Push -Messaging" and "Find -Me" for remote controls

GreenPeak Technologies, added smart "push messaging" and "find-me" apps to its current offering of communication controllers for ZigBee RF4CE remote controls. No more lost remotes. No more duct taped wrapped remote controls.

"Push -Messaging" and "Find -Me" FOR remote controls

GreenPeak adds push -messaging and FIND -ME Apps for standard RF4CE remote controls without impacting Battery life

Utrecht, Netherlands - 7 September 2010 - GreenPeak Technologies, a leading fabless semiconductor company, today announced the addition of the smart "push messaging" and "find -me" apps to its current offering of communication controllers for ZigBee RF4CE remote controls. GreenPeak's unique ultra low power synchronization technique allows both applications to operate with a minimal impact on battery life thereby allowing the remote control battery life to reach more than ten years.

RF remote controls provide two -way high -speed communication and do not require line of sight as the signal transmits through cabinets, obstacles, walls and floors, contrary to infra -red based remote controls.

Push -messaging allows for a variety of new remote control capabilities including tele -voting and gaming, personal messages and reminders, real -time sports results, stock information and residential sensor network monitoring. Push -messaging also enables operators to create new opportunities for advertising revenues via server initiated commercial push messages on the consumers' remote control.

Find -me enables users to simply push a "find -me" button on the TV or STB that results in the remote generating an alarm, beep or blinking light, to make it easy to find, even when it is out of sight. No more lost remote controls.

GreenPeak's implementation manages this functionality on top of ZigBee RF4CE with only minimal impact on energy use - resulting in a factor 10 improvement in battery -life compared to currently existing two -way remote controls.

"For a long time, the current infra -red remote control has essentially not changed," said Cees Links, CEO of GreenPeak Technologies. "But today more advanced communication capabilities enable new apps and increased functionality." Cees Links continues: "By using GreenPeak's revolutionary technology, these new low power push -messaging and find -me apps provide increased functionality and improved user experience without affecting battery life."

For a live demonstration of the "find -me" app in ultra low power RF4CE remote controls, please visit the GreenPeak booth at IBC 2010, Amsterdam, 10 -14 September - Hall 1 Booth number 1.F94.

About GreenPeak
GreenPeak Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company and is a leader in ultra low power wireless and battery -free communication technology for consumer electronics and wireless sense and control applications. This revolutionary technology, based on the IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee wireless networking standard, allows battery -free (based on energy harvesting) or maintenance -free (no battery replacement) operation in a totally wireless environment, without the need for either communications or power connectivity.

GreenPeak was selected by the World Economic Forum as a 2009 Technology Pioneer, in the "energy" category, for its accomplishments as an innovator of the highest caliber, involved in the development of life -changing technology innovation and with the potential for long -term impact on business and society.

GreenPeak is based in Utrecht - The Netherlands and has offices in Belgium, Japan and Korea.
GreenPeak is backed by venture capitalists: Gimv (Belgium), DFJ Esprit (UK), Robert Bosch Venture Capital (Germany), Motorola Ventures (USA) and Allegro Investment Fund (Belgium).
For more information, please visit

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