5 Tips to Maximize the View, Minimize the Clutter

High-end properties demand high-end aesthetics, which innovative under-the-bed TV lift technology can deliver

Whether a property overlooks the ocean or the city skyline, high -end clients can pay millions for the view. It's the job of savvy design professionals, such as interior designers, decorators, and architects, to maximize the view and ambiance while minimizing the clutter. As the most intimate space of any property, the bedroom demands special attention.

Amid design professionals carefully chosen features, contours, and sightlines -a big TV, a big black rectangle -can be a blight on the view and ruin the whole effect of the design.

Fortunately, 5 simple tips and some innovative under -the -bed TV lift technology can help design professionals deliver uncompromising aesthetics to clients' high -end properties, from home and hotel to yacht and even private jet.

Preserve Panoramic Views
Rooms and bedrooms should be as harmonious and uncluttered as possible, especially where window views and a sense of spaciousness really matter. But even as essential electronics like big screen TVs slim down, they can take up unwanted space and attention, especially in the bedroom. Whether wall mounted or in -cabinet, for instance, the presence of big screen TVs can detract or distract from scenic window views when not in use. This is particularly true for clients with beds that face windows.

To help preserve spectacular panoramic views for clients, savvy design professionals are finding that innovative under -the -bed TV lift technology, such as the Dream Machine by Valencia, Calif. -based Auton Motorized Systems, can help. This new type of TV lift fits under the bed frame and operates with a wireless remote. At the click of a button it allows the user to slide the TV from under the bed and raise it to the ideal viewing position, effortlessly and quietly within seconds. From that position, the TV can swivel 360 degrees (180 degrees in each direction) allowing it to be viewed from anywhere in the room. Another simple click returns it to its original hidden position under the bed.

"In the residential market, where lots with views come at a premium, the Dream Machine takes the placement of the big -screen television out of the equation," says Marcus Dodson, interior design expert and owner of the Architectural West Show Room in Reno, Nevada.

"Since the TV easily hides under the bed, owners don't have to compromise the look of a room or their window space," adds Dodson. "It should benefit custom homes, especially those with panoramic views, up -scale furnishings, or tech -savvy owners that want the best. It should find its way into high -end hotels and penthouses that want to maximize unobstructed views."
Unclutter and Save Wall Space
Bedrooms should be a sanctuary with an uncluttered look and feel, a place where clients can unwind and be themselves. While a big screen TV can be a great way to relax, entertain and keep up to date, its size, shape and placement can create an unwelcome sense of clutter when not in use. This is not only true of in -cabinet TVs, but also of wall -mounted units, which require wall space and command attention.

"People value their space," says Virgil Walker, a leading innovator in the field of television lifts, and CEO and Founder of 55 -year -old Auton. "They don't want their space cluttered or consumed by objects. They are always looking for more space in their homes as well as in the bedroom. They want more floor space, more counter space, more wall space, and more unobstructed window views."

Under -the -bed TV lift technology can help eliminate visual and physical clutter in the bedroom, while saving wall space for more aesthetically pleasing items like artwork.

"Interior designers need to use space efficiently without a cabinet that takes up too much room," says Walker. "A wall -mounted TV can also become an unwanted focal point, detracting from inside ambiance. Even when it looks decorative, there's still a sacrifice of wall space. With TV lifts like the Dream Machine there's no need to sacrifice existing walls to a television. It gives designers all the space they need."
Avoid Costly Installation
No matter how inspiring the design, complications such as complex or costly installation can slow a project or give design professionals more than their share of headaches. Some advanced equipment, such as Auton's under -the -bed TV lift technology, however, is specifically designed to eliminate costly installation while maximizing design flexibility.

Unlike other TV lifts or "hiding" devices, the Dream Machine requires no installation. At 9" high, it rolls right under any standard king, queen, full, or twin -sized bed frame and plugs into a standard outlet. There are no required tools, assembly, modification, construction or attachment of any kind. There's no need to build cabinetry to surround the lift, no need to fasten the lift to the floor or bed. Its large polyurethane wheels and comparatively light weight allow easy transport over most surfaces to its final location and position. One person, in fact, can easily transport it, slip it under the bed, and get it working without help in minutes.

"This is definitely the next generation of television convenience," says Walker. "Just slide it under the bed on its polyurethane wheels, plug it into an outlet, and everything else is automatic."
Redecorate and Reorient Hassle Free
After design professionals show room design to the client, all too often the rearranging and redecorating begins. This occurs due to changing preferences in access, color, lighting, and a host of other factors.

"Many times it can be difficult for designers to complete a master bedroom, because furniture and electronics get moved when owners see the finished room," says Dodson.

With innovative under -the -bed TV lift technology like Auton's -which can be moved at will, as well as adjust to the client's preferred viewing height and angle at the push of a button -it's no problem to redecorate the room or reorient the bed.

"Whether the bed is moved a foot, or across the room, with the Dream Machine the television can be relocated hassle -free," says Dodson.

Get Complete Control
The Valencia, California -based firm also offers their award winning Multi -Functional control box that receives RF, infrared and low -voltage remote signals. The adaptability increases the options an installer can sell to clients. And it doesn't require additional equipment. The control box is now standard on most of the company's lifts.

With RF, Infrared and low -voltage remote and control box interface options, the user can be out of the room and still make things happen. Many things. The new system can accommodate up to seven remote control programs that include DVD, Play Station, TV cable services and more. For example, the remote can dim or expand the lighting while also turning on the TV as the screen rises from its hiding place. The multi -tasking can also include music selection and other mood enhancers. In short, total control of the environment.

With these 5 Tips in mind and some innovative under -the -bed TV lift technology, design professionals will now find it easier than ever to maximize the view and minimize the clutter. This will help them deliver uncompromising aesthetics to their clients' high -end properties, from home and hotel to yacht and even private jet.

Auton's motorized systems are installed throughout the world in fine homes, offices, hotels, yachts, motor coaches, and aircraft. Tens of thousands of Auton products are installed in luxury suites at some of the world's greatest hotels including the Mirage, MGM Grand, and Bellagio in Las Vegas. Major studios like MGM, Walt Disney, and Universal use Auton products and so do some of the world's most recognizable celebrities.

The Dream Machine can be seen in action at www.auton.com. For further information on how to jazz up your bedroom while saving valuable space, contact 661.257.9282 or email: tvlifts@auton.com.

By Del Williams

Del Williams is a technical writer based in Torrance, California.

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