New Polk SurroundBar 6000 IHT Brings 3D Surround Sound To Home Theater and Gaming Applications

Polk's new SurroundBar 6000 provides a technologically advanced 3D audio surround experience in a sleek, low-profile, self-powered enclosure and an easy-to-place wireless subwoofer that is perfect for movie lovers and gamers.

BALTIMORE, MD, August 16, 2010 - Polk Audio®, the Speaker Specialists®, will soon ship the SurroundBar 6000 Instant Home Theater (IHT), the latest addition to the company's acclaimed SurroundBar lineup of compact audio solutions. The new SurroundBar 6000 provides a technologically advanced 3D audio surround experience in a sleek, low -profile, self -powered enclosure and an easy -to -place wireless subwoofer that is perfect for any application where movie lovers and gamers demand high definition sound to go along with their high definition display.

"All too often, the overall impact of movies and games gets lost when the only speakers that are heard are the ones installed in the TV," says Polk Product Line Manager Al Baron. "Our new SurroundBar 6000 changes that equation with dramatic sonic performance that catches the listener's attention - - without the need for surround speakers or additional amplification."

The Polk SurroundBar 6000 Instant Home Theater, which ships in September, lives up to its name by providing a complete audio solution capable of convincing stereo and surround sound performance without the need for dedicated speakers. The sleek enclosure is less than two inches deep and only 3 3/4" tall, yet incorporates four specially designed Polk drivers capable of projecting 160 watts of clear, rich, enveloping sound. A simple optical connection quickly connects the system to virtually any A/V processor, while an included wireless 7" subwoofer powers clean, authoritative bass from away anywhere in the listening area up to 75' away - - without a cable.

Two key Polk technologies allow the SurroundBar 6000 to simulate a true 3D listening experience from a single point source, even from non -surround audio material. Polk's patented SDA® Surround technology uses dedicated drivers to re -direct spatial energy and clarify audible directionality for the user, effectively staging in real time what the left and right ears are hearing, according to the program material.

Concurrently, Polk Digital Logic® uses proprietary digital signal programming to achieve a dramatic three -dimensional sound envelope, with a stable, intelligible center channel and Polk's signature sound that is consistently warm, with exceptional immediacy, depth and clarity.

The Polk SurroundBar 6000 is Energy Star® certified, and includes an easy -to -use, intuitive remote control that also learns commands from other associated gear in the system. The system quickly mounts by way of built -in keyhole slots, which ensure a wide range of placement options.

The Polk SurroundBar 6000 Instant Home Theater will be available in September 2010.
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About Polk Audio
Polk Audio ( is an award -winning designer and manufacturer of high performance audio products and the largest audio brand of DEI Holdings, Inc. Founded in 1972, Polk's products include loudspeakers and electronic components for home, auto and marine applications, the first satellite radio home component tuner, the world's first audiophile -grade active IP -addressable loudspeaker, and the first THX Ultra2 Certified in -ceiling loudspeaker.

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