LiteTouch Enhances Metropolitan and Coastal Keypad Technology

New Local Integration Connections & Field Selectable LED Colors

Salt Lake City, UT (August 9, 2010) - In conjunction with last week's announcement of two new keypad styles, today LiteTouch announced

that the company will also enhance functionality to their popular Metropolitan and Coastal Keypad Styles.

Details of the enhancements are as follows:

- - Field Settable LED Colors
Dealers and Installers can easily customize LED colors in the field, with new RGB LEDs. Seven field -selectable LED colors are easily customized and changed by the installer via RGB Color Wheel located
in the back of the keypads. RGB Level Wheel adjusts LED brightness too.

- - Two Auxiliary Integration Ports
Dealers and Installers can now add 'integrating locally' to their list of why they choose LiteTouch. The option to add a Data Input Terminal and a Low Voltage Relay Terminal on each keypad allows installers to wire locally and yet still offer full system programming and integration features.

- - Metropolitan IR Window Gets a new Home
The IR Window of the Metropolitan keypad has always consumed a button position, but no more. IR functionality will not be accessed below the button panel, consistent with Coastal Keypads and Hybrid Wall Box Dimmers. LiteTouch IR functionality allows for the use of an IR Remote Control to access programming of buttons located on keypads anywhere in the system.

- - Improved Button Press Footprint
Buttons have been re -engineered for increased sensitivity. Buttons will activate instantly regardless of the location of the user's press, including light presses on corners and edges.

With so many enhancements behind the scenes, LiteTouch is proud to keep the overall keypad style, faceplate finishes and button colors consistent on these two core keypad styles.

LiteTouch will announce keypad availability dates September 1st at


About LiteTouch, Inc
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In addition to being an essential element of any green building or remodeling project, LiteTouch lighting control systems offer numerous real -world benefits, including convenience, security, time -savings, safety, energy conservation and design aesthetics. "Experience Lighting Control", an online tour detailing many of these benefits, is available at

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