Smartec presented full -functional Day/Night camera with 0.04 lux and 540 TVL

Smartec Company launches its new Day/Night camera with removable IR cut filter and capable to deliver clear image with 540 TVL resolution at up to 0,08/0,04 lux of minimum illumination.

New Smartec STC -3009 camera is equipped with removable IR cut filter and can carry out round -the -clock video surveillance on the objects with 0,08/0,04 lux of minimum illumination. Due to the 1/3" Sony Super HAD II CCD and Sony DSP HQ1 processor, this Day/Night camera generates clear informative image with 540 TVL, improved color rendering and 50 dB S/N ratio. In addition, STC -3009 supports digital noise reduction, flickerless/backlight compensation, AGC, and is compatible with lenses with auto iris (AI) controlled by video or DC signals.

STC -3009 features Sony SuperHAD II CCD and Sony DSP HQ1 processor allowing Day/Night camera to deliver highly detailed images with 540 TVL resolution in bright, artificial or natural light conditions. In low light conditions this camera can activate automatic gain control (AGC), which increases the signal level at 26 dB.

Round -the -clock video surveillance is provided by removable IR cut filter, which switches the camera between "Day" and "Night" modes. With a decrease of illumination level up to 2 lux, IR cut filter is automatically disabled and the Day/Night camera switches from color to b/w mode. In addition this camera can deliver color and b/w images at 0.08/0.04 lux respectively.

Digital noise reduction (DNR) effectively eliminates noise component of the video signal allowing camera to improve image quality even in low light conditions. With activated DNR function Day/Night camera provides significant disk space saving along with an improved visual perception of the image.

Camera settings can be configured using DIP -switches located on the rear panel of the camera. It helps installer to adjust camera modes and activate necessary functions according to the recent operating conditions. For example, Day/Night camera enables installer to activate automatic gain control (AGC), internal synchronization, flickerless/backlight compensation and electronic shutter operation.

In the base product configuration new Day/Night camera can operate indoors at temperatures ranging from -10 to +50 C. For simple camera installation it is recommended to use optional wall/ceiling brackets: Smartec STB -C01 and STB -C02. The efficiency of STC -3009 in low light conditions enables installer to use camera for outdoor operation. Depending on temperature, humidity and other factors, the camera must be placed in a thermal housing. For example, Smartec STC -1230S thermal housing features IP66 rating and ensures stable Day/Night camera operation at temperatures ranging from -40 to +50 C.

New Smartec camera supports different types of lenses allowing installer to utilize camera in different monitoring conditions. For example, STC -3009 Day/Night camera can operate using varifocal model STL -2712DC or STL -40FFDC lens with fixed focal length. In addition new Day/Night camera can operate with lenses with auto iris (AI), controlled by video or DC signal.

New Smartec STС -3009 Day/Night cameras are offered from stock by Smartec dealers. For more information about STС -3009 and other Smartec equipment, please, send your request to info@smartec or contact your Smartec dealers directly.

For more information, please, visit Smartec website or Day/Night camera description

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