Guifx Celebrates 10 Years of GUI Innovation in the Home Automation Industry

Guifx today announced that the company is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Founded in 2000, Guifx has been a pioneer in developing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for the home automation industry.

Guifx today announced that the company is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Founded in 2000, Guifx has been a pioneer in developing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for the home automation industry, providing cutting -edge graphics and easy -to -use, intuitive UI kits for integrators and touchscreen control system manufacturers.

"We were the first design studio to specialize in touchscreen interfaces, and over the last ten years we've been refining our design process and pioneering new technologies," said Morgan Strauss, director of operations at Guifx. "From our QuicKey(TM) navigation and room grid approach to our innovative fonts and software tools, Guifx solutions offer integrators unique differentiation and define ease of use for end users. And for an elegant look, we've got the best artists in the world. It's been a great ten years, and we're looking forward to continuing our growth for another ten."

Guifx's design process starts with a concept as a basic sketch. From there the concept undergoes interface wireframing, where it is refined and tested to perfection. Each interface is then polished to a shine with a candy coating of elegant graphics and icons designed to provide a sophisticated look and intuitive operation.

Over the past ten years, the company has introduced several interface technologies. These include Guifx's QuicKey navigation, which opens non -A/V activities in a modal window that is simply closed to return to the previous screen. As an alternative to floorplan navigation, which has several disadvantages when it comes to massive, multifloor dwellings, the company has also developed a room grid approach. This method provides a more organized way of selecting and receiving feedback from rooms. Icons representing each room or zone improve the user experience even further by speeding up visual recognition.

Guifx offers the best fonts in the industry, which are available as a free download at To improve usability, the GUIFX v2 Transports Labeled font is unique in that it features the icon's label directly below the icon. For integrators, this usability saves a considerable amount of time in the programming stage. In addition, the company's Logo Tools software turns ordinary logos into beautifully styled interface buttons. Integrators can start with the included collection of logos or create a folder and fill it with their own. Logo Tools is part of Guifx's CoPilot, a free software suite that encompasses all the touchscreen design utilities the company has pioneered and improved on. Since its release five years ago, the popular software has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

As Guifx clears the decade mark, it continues to grow and innovate. Recently the company released Victoria, its first UI for the Crestron Mobile(TM) G iPad(TM) application. Guifx has also ventured into embedded markets, partnering with providers of touchscreen device components, including Amulet Technologies, Reach Technologies, and Crank(TM) Software, in addition to consulting with manufacturers of embedded devices with touchscreen displays, such as GE(R) and Boston Scientific.

Recognized as an innovator by a worldwide audience, the company currently has more than 10,000 customers in 43 countries. Guifx's website has also become a regular stopping point for other designers looking for UI design inspiration and serves as a great resource with its "Uiology" series of articles, which discusses tips, tricks, and techniques for designing touchscreen UIs.

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About Guifx Founded in 2000, Guifx is an interface design studio specializing in touchscreen interfaces for home automation and embedded systems. The first company of its kind, Guifx is a pioneer in perfecting workflow through user -centric design, refining every concept with a candy coating of elegant graphics and icons that are second to none - - always with the customers' brand, goals, and audience in mind. Designed by the company's world -class artists, Guifx graphics and GUI (graphical user interface) kits not only save installers and manufacturers hours of tedious labor, but they maximize the subtle differences in technologies that affect the user experience - - creating a sophisticated, luxurious touch to any setting that is fun, fast, and intuitive. More information about Guifx is available at

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