Home Automation and security come together in the ProGuard800!

The holiday period started and how can you close the door behind you without worrying, keep an eye on things from a distance and then come home knowing that everything is fine? And how can you easily combine this with home automation?

Marmitek has been providing total solutions within the sphere of X -10 home automation and security for many years and is now incorporating these two categories in the ProGuard800!

- An intelligent combination of wireless security and X -10 home automation.
- Fully wireless and utmost reliable thanks to 868 MHz SecuriCode™ technology.
- Wide range; also suitable for larger homes with separate garages, studios or garden houses.
- Burglary prevention through random switching of for instance lighting and audio installation system.
- Can report to a monitoring station or can be programmed with your mobile number so that you can stay up -to -date.

The basic set
The basic set is supplied with 1 door/window sensor, 2 animal -friendly motion sensors and 1 key -ring remote control. This can then be expanded as you wish, to include accessories such as door/window sensors, motion sensors, water leak detectors, low temperature sensors, glass breakage sensors, smoke detectors, a range of remote controls (key -ring/panic/comfort), external sirens/flashers and amplifiers/repeaters, light modules and equipment modules.

The ProGuard800 is available with or without PSTN, GSM and X -10 Home Automation module. The modules selected are built into the central unit.
A PSTN module is required if you wish to connect your security system to your fixed telephone line. The GSM module facilitates communication from the security system via the GSM network and is ideal if you do not have a fixed phone line in the property. Finally, you can choose the X -10 Home Automation module. This is necessary if you wish to switch on your lighting and equipment when you arrive at home or if the alarm is triggered, for example.

This product is to be exclusively distributed by specially trained Marmitek Preferred Partners. If you are interested in the ProGuard800, go to www.marmitek.com for an overview of the various selling points.

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