Made in America - One HVAC Manufacturer is Fighting the Odds

Through the first quarter of 2010, the U.S. current budget deficit is $109 billion. Remember that number.

According to the U.S. Department of State, in 1975, U.S. exports had exceeded foreign imports by $12,400 million. That would be the last trade surplus the United States would see in the 20th century. Through the first quarter of 2010, the U.S. current budget deficit is $109 billion. Remember that number.

Millions of jobs are being lost and thousands of business shuttered because U.S. consumers are spending more money on foreign -made products and manufacturers are using foreign countries to assemble their products before shipping them to the U.S. It is a vicious cycle that continues to erode the U.S. economy.

Fortunately, there are some manufacturers who are bucking the trend and keeping their products - and workers - on U.S. soil. One of those companies manufactures products for the HVAC trade and is located in the Midwest - Indianapolis, Indiana to be exact. That company is Jackson Systems LLC, which manufactures zoning control products for the residential and commercial markets.

The company has solid roots in the Midwest, thanks to founder Ron Jackson. Ron's son Tom Jackson, CEO of Jackson Systems LLC, talked about the man and the company. "Ron Jackson shares the same spirit of Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison," Tom said. "After graduating from high school and serving in the United States Air Force, Ron followed his passion of electronics and HVAC. This in turn led Ron to become not only one of the premium HVAC control designers, but really a true American success story."

Tom said his company is an integral part of the Indianapolis community, a trademark of many traditional U.S. businesses. "Our technical and sales support (all located in Indianapolis) take their roles extremely serious and want to ensure they deliver only a great experience to the client," he said. "All the employees are committed to hard work and take pride in their country."

For Tom, doing business as a U.S. manufacturer is a way of life for him and his staff. "I believe that "Made in America" is more than just the fact we try to source and build as much as we possibility can right here in the U.S.A.," Tom added. "We take tremendous pride in our ability to innovate and develop new products, and then manufacture them right here."

Here is how Tom describes one product his company manufactures and sells - and how it exemplifies the "Made in America" theme. "One of our most popular lines of products is the Z -200 and Z -300 zone control panels," he said. "They were completely designed right here in Indianapolis (including the original patents owned by Ron Jackson). The printed circuit boards are made in Chicago, the components are ordered from a local
supplier, and the boards are "stuffed" (the process of adding the components to the board) locally.

"Final assembly and 100% testing are done at our facility in Indianapolis. All documentation is created and printed in -house and the box is made in Indianapolis."
Everything, even down to the box, is made and assembled in the U.S., keeping more jobs in the local economy and taking a chunk - albeit a small one - out of the U.S. trade deficit. If more companies practiced what Jackson Systems LLC does, the trade deficit may reverse itself and buck a trend that has been growing for 35 years. Made in America can gain momentum in every industry, with the HVAC trade playing an integral role.

Now, about that $190 billion. One Web blogger recently made this calculation. "Let's say 300,000,000 Americans simply reallocated one dollar per day; spending one dollar less on foreign -made goods and one dollar more on American -made goods. (That's $30 per month, per person, and it is not an extra $30 per month, but just where you spend it.)
"After a year, this would add up to $109,500,000,000. What could the real, productive American economy do with an extra $109.5 billion? How about 2,737,500 new jobs paying $40,000 per year?"

At least Jackson Systems LLC is thinking along those same lines. For more information about their HVAC zoning control products visit

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