Control4 Launches New Platform for Flash Developers, Opens Contest

Take the Developer's Challenge and win up to $10K in cash and prizes!

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - July 20, 2010 - Control4, a leader in IP -based home control systems, today announced the Control4® 4Store™ Developers Program. The 4Store™ application marketplace is a new Flash -based platform to deliver applications to Control4 customers and the first application marketplace to extend beyond mobile devices and into the digital home.

With minimal programming Flash -developers can deliver the same entertainment, informational or social networking apps they've created for a mobile environment to consumers' homes through the 4Store application marketplace. Control4® software development kits enable developers to create new apps that transform consumers' experiences with an array of devices and systems in their smart homes - entertainment gear, lighting, thermostat, security and more. 4Store™ applications can also be linked to other sources of information outside the home to better utilize devices and systems in the home. For example, developers could use weather information to inform the watering schedule for the lawn or provide lighting and shading control for different areas of the house based on the time of day or outside temperature.

"We are incredibly excited to make a new platform available to the Flash development community," said Eric Smith, Chief Evangelist for Control4. "The 4Store application marketplace gives flash developers the opportunity to utilize their existing skills to expand their market to millions of devices and to have their apps available on touch screens and TVs in every room of the home."

Control4 has also created a contest challenging the flash development community and custom installers to create cool and innovative apps. Developers have already risen to the challenge.

"We have created one of the first driver -based control apps for the 4Store application marketplace using online video training tools from Control4. We designed an energy management app that will be exclusive to Control4 dealers, offering them a turnkey solution for adding an energy management dashboard to a Control4 system when using a energy sensor such as the TED 5000 and the Eragy Energy driver," stated Eragy President David Schantz. "We're looking forward to seeing the reception when our app debuts at the end of the month."

To qualify for Control4's Developer's Challenge you must sign -up to be a 4Store app developer and submit your apps for approval by Control4 by August 31st, 2010. Approved apps will be loaded into 4Store and eligible for the contest, which includes:

Most Popular App - $5,000
The developer of the most popular 4Store app, which will be determined by the number of downloads between July 1, 2010 and November 30, 2010, will win $5,000.

Control4 Challenge Winner - $5,000 in Control4 Gear
The developer with the most 4Store apps submitted between July 1, 2010 and August 31, 2010 will receive $5,000 in Control4 gear.

4Store Developer of the Year
On September 17, 2010 Control4 will select the 4Store Developer of the Year. The award will be presented at CEDIA Expo on September 23, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia and the winner will be the guest of honor at the Control4 Dealer Party held that evening. The esteemed 4Store Developer of the Year is invited to demonstrate his or her work in the Control4 booth throughout the show.

Founders Circle Membership
Developers with at least two approved 4Store apps between July 1, 2010 and August 31, 2010 automatically becomes a member of the 4Store™ Founders Circle. Control4 will provide qualified developers with a 4Store Founders Circle logo that can be used on their websites, business cards or other promotional materials.

4Store apps are based on ActionScript 2. Developers can access Control4 software development kits and basic Control4 technical training by registering on the 4Store website. For more information please visit -contest.

The 4Store application marketplace is part of Control4 OS 2.0, and ships on virtually every controller sold. Control4 has delivered over 1.2 million ZigBee control devices and the extensive Control4 distribution channel includes support from major retailers such as Best Buy, over 1,600 custom installers and distributors in over 50 countries. Developers can benefit from prestigious industry relationships with top CE manufacturers such as Pioneer, LG, Sony and Stanley/Black&Decker and Control4 is also working with multiple utilities around the world to help customers monitor and manage their energy use.

"For the last four years the Control4® architecture has enabled Card Access to offer valuable add -on services for Control4® systems," said Kent Hansen, President and CEO of Card Access, Inc. "The 4Store application marketplace is yet another expanding opportunity for us, and we look forward to working with Control4 to deliver more capabilities for home automation dealers and their customers with 4Store apps."

To become a Control4 developer or to learn more about the 4Store application marketplace, visit

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